Thessaloniki is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. It is also a magnet for tourists from all over the world. The reasons for this are many, as it offers endless options in terms of entertainment, accommodation and also plenty tourist attractions. However, this does not mean that you should limit yourself only to the beauties of Thessaloniki, as in a short distance from it you will find several traditional villages that offer the ideal opportunity for a short escape. Continue reading this article and discover the 4 most beautiful and picturesque villages near Thessaloniki.

Arnea: The jewel of Cholomondas

The beautiful and picturesque settlement of Arnaia is nestled at the foot of the green Cholomondas, one of the highest mountains of Halkidiki. In this picturesque small town you will see beautifully renovated neoclassical buildings which are an excellent example of Macedonian architecture. Still in Arnaia you will have the opportunity to browse through picturesque stone-built streets and also to taste the famous cuisine of Halkidiki, visiting the picturesque taverns of the settlement. Arnaia is a fantastic destination for those who want to experience the most traditional aspect of Halkidiki, but also not to stray too far from the co-capital, as Arnaia is only 64.5 km away from Thessaloniki airport.

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Taxiarchis: A verdant paradise

Speaking of ​​Mount Cholomondas, we could not fail to mention the settlement of Taxiarchis, which has deservedly earned its place among the most picturesque villages near Thessaloniki. The village of Taxiarchis dominates the slopes of Cholomondas at an altitude of 670 m and is only 58 kilometers from Thessaloniki airport. The settlement looks like a small secluded paradise, as it is surrounded by a dense pine forest ideal for hiking and cycling. Also, you can enjoy a horse ride in it, as there are several farms in the settlement. Finally, walking on the village you can admire many stone-built buildings and churches, representative of the traditional Macedonian architecture.

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Ano Poroia: the treasure of the lake

There are many who believe that Ano Poroia is one of the most beautiful villages in Greece, and not without reason. What makes Ano Poroia the most popular destination for visitors to the prefecture of Serres is the picturesque architecture of the settlement and also its natural beauty. Ano Poroia is located on the slopes of Mount Beles overlooking the magnificent lake Kerkini, which is one of the most important wetlands in our country. Much of the picturesque atmosphere of the settlement is due to the fact that its first inhabitants came from Vlach villages of Epirus and Macedonia and brought with them their architectural mentality and their traditional way of life. Taking a walk through the cobbled streets of the settlement, you can’t help but notice the traditional taverns and the aromas of local specialties that come from them! The proximity of the settlement to Lake Kerkini has significantly influenced the local cuisine, as in Ano Poroia you will have the opportunity to try well-cooked buffalo steaks and freshwater fish such as Trout and carp.

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Panagitsa: The jewel of Kaimaktsalan

Panagitsa is a picturesque Pontic village in the prefecture of Pella, between the city of Edessa and the Ski Center of Kaimaktsalan. Panagitsa is less than two hours’ drive from Thessaloniki. This little paradise is built at an altitude of 750 m, on the slopes of Voras, and one of the things that makes it stand out is the magnificent view it has of Lake Vegoritida. Despite its small size, Panagitsa has many traditional guesthouses, as well as taverns where you can taste the incredible flavors of Macedonian cuisine. If you choose to visit Panagitsa, your first stop should definitely be the village square. There you will meet the majestic church of Virgin Mary, to which the settlement also owes its name. Finally, if you choose the picturesque destination of Panagitsa for a short excursion near Thessaloniki, you should not miss visiting the equally beautiful and picturesque settlement of Agios Athanasios, which is only 8 km from it.

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With this article we hope to have offered some very interesting suggestions to the lovers of tradition who want to visit beautiful picturesque villages near Thessaloniki and discover the beauties of Northern Greece, beyond the blue seas and golden beaches of Halkidiki!

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