Greece is world-renowned for its great variety of summer destinations. However, many do not know that it has equally beautiful places, which are worth visiting during the winter. To be more specific, in Greece you will find beautiful winter destinations for couples, which are the epitome of relaxation and romance. In this article you will find out which are the best winter destinations for couples in Greece, as well as which are the most beautiful and romantic activities you can enjoy during your stay there!

Pozar Baths

Pozar Baths are 111 km from the city of Thessaloniki and belong to the Prefecture of Pella and the Municipality of Aridaia. Pozar Baths are one of the most popular winter destinations for couples in Greece, due to the thermal springs in the area, which are an oasis of warmth and comfort, overlooking the imposing and usually snow-covered Kaimaktsalan! The temperature of the springs in the hydrotherapy center reaches 37 degrees. Furthermore, Pozar springs are also known for their healing properties and for the sense of well-being they offer to the body and soul. The experience of Pozar hot springs, combined with the traditional stone buildings of the area and the presence of the impressive Voras mountain that embraces the landscape, make up a truly dream destination for couples.

Activities for couples in Pozar Baths

In addition to bathing in the hot springs located in the hydrotherapy center, you can enjoy the luxurious and rejuvenating spa experience at one of the local guesthouses, enjoying services such as the sauna and ethereal oil massage treatments. When it comes to food, you can try exquisite dishes offered at the restaurant within the spa town, pairing them with some rich-tasting, local wine! If you want to explore other food options, we recommend you to visit the village nearby Pozar, Orma! There you can also take a walk in the idyllic paved square of the village, which is surrounded by green plane trees!

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As soon as winter begins to make its presence felt and the fireplaces are lit in the traditional guesthouses that exist in the zagorochoria, then couples from all over Greece start visiting this enchanting winter destination. Zagorochoria consists of 46 different villages, which means that you are given the opportunity for not one, but many different romantic excursions in the verdant Papigo. Before visiting Zagorochoria, make sure you have made the right choice of car for this beautiful yet mountainous region. We also recommend that you choose as your starting point a village in central Zagori such as Dilofos, so that you have easy access to the entire area, combined with the peace and privacy you are looking for!

Activities for couples in Zagorochoria

One of the most romantic things you can see in zagorochoria are the traditional, Epirotian bridges, which are built along the Voidomatis River. You can also take a tour of the “swimming pools”, the small natural pools of Pindos, which have been created by the crystal water of the running springs that exist in the area. Of course, we don’t recommend diving as their water is quite cold even in the summer months. Finally, in Zagorochoria there is an abundance of traditional cafes and taverns that offer a variety of traditional dishes.

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Pelion is perhaps the most classic winter destination for couples in Greece, as it combines lush mountain landscapes and a multitude of activities for couples, while it is only 27 kilometers from the lively city of Volos. Like Zagorochoria, Pelion is a large mountainous and forested area, which is made up of many

different settlements! In order to enjoy your stay in Pelion to the fullest, we recommend that you choose a large village of Pelion as your starting point, such as Makrinitsa or Portaria.

Activities for couples in Pelion

It is impossible to go to Pelion and not visit the ski resort, which is located in the Agriolefkes area and is one of the first ski resorts in Greece. Apart from the winter sports that you can enjoy at the ski resort, the view from it is definitely something to admire even if you are not a skier, as from there you can see the imposing green slopes of the mountain joining the deep blue Pagasitikos gulf.

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We hope that in this article you have found the ideal romantic destination in Greece for you, so that you can spend unique moments of relaxation with your other half.

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