Halkidiki is definitely one of the most beautiful and special destinations for the summer! Of course you have to keep in mind that the Halkidiki Peninsula, covers a fairly large area, therefore it offers many different alternatives for your summer vacation.To be more specific, in Halkidiki you can find destinations suitable for family vacations, wonderful luxury hotels, but also alternative accommodation options, such as camping.

So, it does not come as a surprise that if you want to visit Halkidiki, one of the main concerns will be “What is the best Peninsula of Halkidiki?”

To give you a clear answer, All three small peninsulas of Halkidiki are beautiful! However, each of them has unique characteristics, which can satisfy specific tastes and needs. In this article, we will inform you about the beauties that every finger of Halkidiki offers, so that you can decide for yourself what is the best peninsula of Halkidiki according to your taste!


Kassandra is on the west side of Halkidiki! Because of its proximity to Thessaloniki, it is one of the most popular destinations for the residents of the city! Kassandra is a location with rapid growth of tourism, therefore it provides a wide range of options, in terms of entertainment and accommodation!

Because of that, you will find plenty of beach bars, taverns and restaurants at almost every beach of Kassandra. One of the most popular destinations of Kassandra is Pefkochori! There, you will find a wonderful beach with turquoise waters and one of the most famous beach bar restaurants in Chalkidiki, which is no other than the famous Mamalouka, which not only serves amazing dishes but also has a unique boho chic aesthetic that creates wonderful summer vibes. Other equally popular destinations in Kassandra are Afytos and Possidi!

Finally, if you are looking for a luxury experience on your vacation, you should know that one of the most luxurious hotel complexes in Greece, Sani Hotels, are located there! Generally, Kassandra is preferred by those who are looking for luxury vibes on their vacation but also by young people who love partying!

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Sithonia is a great destination for those who seek an alternative style of vacation, as not only it has beautiful beaches, but it also has wonderful mountain landscapes,  which are suitable for unique nature excursions!

In Sithonia you will find some great small family hotels but also some of the best campings in Halkidiki! Among them is Armenistis camping, which has all the necessary facilities for those who love organized camping, but also the opportunity to stay in a caravan or a bungalow, an option preferred by many of the families who visit Sithonia.

In conclusion, Sithonia is an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative type of vacation, as well as for families looking for quiet beaches with clear waters!

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Athos Peninsula is mostly identified with Mount Athos and monastic life. However, before starting the territory of Mount Athos, there is a small area, which although it is not as famous as the other two peninsulas of Halkidiki, is very beautiful and provides several options for accommodation and entertainment.

In the north side of the Athos Peninsula you will find the small town, Ierissos, which is located where the ancient town Akanthos used to be! There, you will have the opportunity to admire religious exhibits which are hosted in the cultural center of the settlement! A  few kilometers away you will find the beautiful Ouranoupoli, one of the most beautiful settlements of Halkidiki! The settlement is surrounded by a beautiful forest. Thus, its impressive view of Mount Athos enchants anyone who visit it! In addition, Ouranoupoli is famous for its picturesque fish taverns, but also for its tower, which was a Byzantine fortress and is the most recognizable landmark of this small town!

Finally, if you decide to spend your holidays on the third leg of Halkidiki, you could not miss Ammouliani, a small picturesque island with wonderful beaches that is the only inhabited island in Halkidiki!

In general, the third peninsula of Halkidiki  is an excellent choice for those who want to combine their vacation with religious tourism. Although its north side does not belong to the prefecture of Mount Athos, there is a sense of spirituality, along with a strong presence of religious elements!

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We hope that reading this article will help you decide which peninsula of Halkidiki is best for you!

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