You often like to dream of a carefree family vacation that will give you some  moments of joy and happiness to you and your loved ones! However your dreams are usually crushed because of  the obligations of your daily life! The weekend is the only time you have to relax but  these two days do not seem enough to do anything. So, the whole family ends up lying on the couch, playing with their phones. Well, maybe It’s time to put an end to your boring weekends and decide to spend a beautiful and creative weekend with your children.

In order to achieve this,  you do not need to travel far, as there are many magical destinations located near the city of Thessaloniki  that will surprise you. In that way a weekend with the children will allow you to have some  precious family moments, just a few km away from  your home.


The wonderful Goumenissa is just 75 km away from Thessaloniki. Goumenissa is a picturesque city, built at the foot of Mount Paiko, which seems to have remained unchanged over time. Taking a walk in Goumenissa you will discover 108 listed buildings, which are excellent examples of Macedonian architecture. Unfortunately, most of them have not been restored, although the glamor they exude seems to have been unaffected by the time passing. Walking in the center of Goumenissa, you will find  its central square while in the middle of the square you will see a fountain, which was built by the allied troops in 1918.

In addition, in the square you will find many cafes and restaurants, where you can sit for a simple coffee or for food, admiring the wonderful view of the stone buildings. As souvenirs from this short getaway from the bustling city, you can buy some local wine or some handmade traditional musical instruments of the area, as Goumenissa is famous for the manufacturing of traditional instruments called halkina.

Finally,  after leaving Goumenissa, you should  definitely make a stop in a wonderful location just 2 km away from the town, named the Τwo Rivers. The location is named that way due to the fact that it is crossed by two small streams, which are also the cause of the verdant landscape of the area. The vegetation of two Rivers consist mainly of plane trees, which in combination with the wooden bridges create a dreamy setting for a weekend with children.

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Vergina Museum

If you would like to combine fun with learning history, you could spend a weekend with children in the prefecture of Pella.To be more specific, we suggest you visit the Archaeological Museum of Vergina. The city of Vergina is located 75 km west of the city of Thessaloniki and its museum is one of the most important in the country. The museum was built in 1993, while its exhibits date back  mainly to the era of Macedonian hegemony. The exhibits include jewelry, mosaics, objects of the royal family, etc. While one of the most important objects on display in the museum is the armor of Philip II and the golden larnax found next to his tomb.

By visiting the museum of Vergina, you will give your children the opportunity to get familiar with a very important part of ancient Greek history. Furthermore, you can combine this excursion with small visits to areas adjacent to Vergina. For example, one place that you could visit  is Agios Nikolaos, Naoussa. There, your children will have the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of the area and test their horse-riding skills, in the park located at the entrance of the village.

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Axios Delta National Park

It is important to keep in mind that a beautiful weekend with children can lead  them to feel closer to nature and develop environmental awareness. The best location that will help them do so, is just a few kilometers away from Thessaloniki, in the area of ​​Kalochori. There, you will find a site of unparalleled natural beauty and importance, which your children should definitely explore. Of course, we are referring to Axios Delta National Park. Taking a tour as a family in the Axios Delta park, you will have the opportunity to admire many rare species of birds, as well as the herds of water buffalo that live there. You could also enjoy a hike in the riparian forest of the area, whose main vegetation consists of poplands .

Finally, if the excursion in nature makes you hungry, you can visit one of the picturesque taverns of Kalochori, which are well-known among  the people of Thessaloniki, for their relaxed atmosphere, the seafood that they offer and their hospitality.

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