Thessaloniki, the capital of Greece, is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. It offers its visitors a plethora of options for walks and strolls. Picturesque alleys, traditional neighborhoods, cosmopolitan avenues and modern squares make up a fascinating landscape, ready to reveal the secrets and beauties of the city. Whether you are looking for relaxing walks in Thessaloniki overlooking Thermaikos, exploratory tours or fun and relaxation, the capital has something to offer for every taste. Let your steps lead you to an unforgettable experience, full of images, history and emotions.

In this article, we will introduce you to walks in Thessaloniki, which you must do if you are visiting the city of Thessaloniki. From the New Beach and Ano Town to Ladadika and Aristotelous Square, discover and choose the walks that suit you and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

A walk on the New Beach of Thessaloniki

The New Beach of Thessaloniki attracts locals and visitors alike, being an unbeatable destination. Five kilometres of pedestrian and cycle paths embrace the Thermaikos, offering visitors unique moments of relaxation and coolness. Nea Paralia is ideal for those who prefer relaxing walks in Thessaloniki, at all hours of the day. In the morning, you can enjoy the sun rising over Thermaikos, while in the afternoon you can watch the sunset. The area is also ideal for running, cycling, or just to sit on one of the benches and relax. In the area of the beach is also the White Tower, the most famous monument of Thessaloniki. Also along the beach, you will find numerous cafes, restaurants and bars for every taste.


Walks in the Upper Town of Thessaloniki

The Ano Polis of Thessaloniki is a historic area located at the foot of the Castle. It is characterized by its picturesque alleys, traditional houses and Byzantine monuments. Walks in Thessaloniki and in particular, in Ano Poli are unique experiences, capable of taking you back in time. You can walk through the alleys and discover hidden secrets, visit historical monuments and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. The most important sights of Ano Polis include the Kastro, the Byzantine church of Rotunda, Agia Sophia and the Thessaloniki City Museum. In addition, in the area you will find many cafes and traditional taverns, as well as shops with handmade goods.


A walk for fun and food at Ladadika

Ladadika is a picturesque area of Thessaloniki located near the beach. It used to be the headquarters of the city’s olive oil industry and is now a popular area full of restaurants, bars and cafes. Ladadika is one of the best walks in Thessaloniki for those who are looking for fun. The area, especially at weekends, is a popular place to be. You can enjoy great food in the many restaurants, or have a coffee in the countless cafes. About the nightlife, there are many bars to have a drink and dance. In addition, you can do your shopping in the shops in the area, where you will find clothes, jewellery and gifts.


A walk in Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous Square is one of the most popular and lively squares in Greece. It is located in the centre of Thessaloniki and is an important meeting point for locals and visitors alike. The square is surrounded by neoclassical buildings, cafes and restaurants. Aristotelous Square is one of the best walks in Thessaloniki to enjoy a drink, coffee or food. It is also a popular place for events and festivals. There are many museums near the square, such as the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Byzantine Culture. There are also many shops around the square where you can buy clothes, gifts and other items.


To sum up, you can take many walks in Thessaloniki, in areas of great historical importance for the whole of Greece and live like a local, even for one day. A walk in any of these areas will reward you with the best experiences. By renting your car from Alpha Drive, you have the flexibility to move with great ease and make your ideal trips in Thessaloniki.

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