Pelion is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Greece throughout the year. This is totally reasonable if you think that there is a rich and lush nature, a magnificent view of the Pagasitic Gulf, beautiful beaches and refined local flavors. Of course, perhaps, the main reason has to do with the many beautiful villages that exist in Pelion. The traditional and picturesque villages are so many that you do not know which to visit and where to stay.

Pelion is almost synonymous with Magnesia and its capital, Volos. With its highest peak, Stavros, rising at 1,624 m., Pelion is the natural border between Magnesia and the Aegean Sea.

Pelion is also ideal for those who love hiking and mountaineering, whether they are beginners or have some experience. That’s because the slopes and the peaks allow almost everyone to explore it. Specifically, there are two mountaineering shelters, at the locations of Agriolefkes and Agios Georgios in Zagora. For those who prefer snow sports, in Agriolefkes, near Chania there is a ski resort. Finally, there are no complainers who love horse riding and mountain biking, as there are many great routes.

In any case, one thing is certain. Whether you visit Pelion in winter and everything is dressed in white or in spring or summer and everything is colorful in blooming nature, browsing through its traditional villages is a fascinating experience.

So, here’s a look at some of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Pelion that are definitely worth a visit:



One of the most cosmopolitan villages of Pelion that is bustling with people all year round. It is the first village to be found climbing Mount Pelion and is particularly popular because of its close proximity both to the ski resort and the sea. In addition, the magnificent views of Volos and the Pagasitic Gulf, the cobbled streets and the architecture of traditional stone houses make Portaria a popular attraction for many tourists. Luxury hotels, guesthouses, rooms to let, restaurants and taverns, cafes, bars and souvenir shops and folk art cater to all tastes and needs. It is easily understood that in Portaria someone finds all the necessary.



The beautiful village of Tsagarada is located at an altitude of 500 meters on the eastern side of the mountain in a lush green environment with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea. Nature dominates here, as chestnuts and plane trees embrace almost all of the village’s buildings and houses. Do not forget to drink coffee in the central square of Agia Paraskevi, where the well-known Great Platanus counts a millennium of life and is the oldest tree in Greece.



On the eastern slopes of Pelion overlooking the Aegean Sea is Zagora. Many call it the balcony of the Aegean and not unjustly, as when the weather permits, the view reaches Halkidiki. The most populous village of Pelion consists of four districts with the central square of Agios Georgios with the homonymous church. There is also the public library, which was founded in the late 18th century and today it operates as a lender with rich and rare material. A little further down there is the Drakopoulou mansion where on the ground floor there is the famous Zagora Women’s Agro Tourist Cooperative.



With magnificent views of Volos and the Pagasitic Gulf and preserving traditional Pelion architecture with restored mansions, paved streets, perennial plane trees and flowers, Makrinitsa is one of Pelion’s most enchanting destinations. The main square with the church of Agios Ioannis and the water-gushing fountain with lion’s heads is the reason for its popularity. In this small place you will find interesting art cafes and galleries that testify to the artistic concerns of its residents.



Milies is one of the most beautiful villages in Pelion that can combine many activities. It is mainly known for the train station and “Moutzouris”, the train that connects Milies with Volos and operates on limited trips and only for a few months from April to October, as long as the weather allows. The square of the village with the church of Pammegtis Taxiarches which has existed since 1747 leaves the visitors speechless with its beauty.

Pelion is a destination that has a lot to offer. Rent your car from Alpha Drive Rent a Car and plan a Pelion excursion that will undoubtedly reward you.