Greece is known for the wonderful destinations it offers during the summer season. Summer is gone and winter has made its appearance. Of course, even in winter Greece can offer unique destinations. There are some areas where the winter landscape is perfectly suited, since it turns them into truly amazing places, capable of fascinating their visitors. Such unique winter destinations can be found in Northern Greece.

Northern Greece includes Macedonia, Epirus and Thrace. In these regions of the Greek territory, there are many towns, villages and sites of unparalleled natural beauty. Moreover, Northern Greece is known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Most of it is occupied by mountains, rivers and lakes, which, especially in winter, make this part of the country an attraction for visitors.

This article will take you on a journey to unique winter destinations in Northern Greece.

Get to know the beautiful Kastoria

Kastoria, located in western Macedonia, is widely known for Lake Orestiada, which has been classified as a monument of natural beauty. It is a unique winter destination in Northern Greece, as it contains great natural beauty. Arriving in the city you will immediately notice the magnificent lake, the view of which can be enjoyed from the many lakeside cafes that exist in the area. But if you want to fully enjoy Lake Orestiada, you can go around the lake either by bike or by car. On the route you will encounter beautiful natural landscapes, which will be unforgettable. In addition, you can wander around the Doltcho area, the Old Town of Kastoria, and discover the old mansions with Byzantine architecture. In the city you will find many museums, so you can get to know the history of Kastoria.

Unique Winter Destinations Northern Greece Kastoria-Alpha Drive

Discover the picturesque Metsovo

If you want to experience a truly mountainous location, you should definitely visit Metsovo. Metsovo is located in Epirus and is a unique winter destination in Northern Greece. It is a picturesque village built on the slopes of Pindos, at an altitude of 1,200m, and is a favourite winter destination for many visitors. The image of Metsovo is made up of stately stone-built houses, stone alleys and squares. For nature lovers, the springs of Aoos, which are ideal for hiking, are located within walking distance from the village. If you visit Metsovo during the winter season, the most likely scenario is to experience a white, snowy landscape. For winter sports enthusiasts, there are three ski resorts in the region, where you can enjoy your favorite activities in the snow.

Visit the impressive Edessa

Edessa is located in central Macedonia. It is a lush green region, as it has a rich natural environment. The city’s biggest attraction is its impressive waterfalls, which make it a unique winter destination in Northern Greece. In the town, it is worth visiting the waterfalls park to admire this impressive natural attraction. In addition, you can try the local food in traditional taverns. In winter, if the temperature is too low, the waterfalls freeze over, creating a scenery that you will never forget. Also very close to the area are ski resorts, for skiing and other winter activities.

Unique Winter Destinations Northern Greece Edessa-Alpha Drive

Relax in the Pozar thermal baths

Pozar Spa is located near the city of Edessa. It is an impressive attraction created by nature itself. Pozar thermal baths are a unique winter destination in Northern Greece and receive visitors throughout the year. The water in the thermal springs is a constant 37 degrees Celsius all year round and visitors enjoy swimming in the natural pools even if it snows. The natural waterfalls create a landscape of rare beauty and bathing in the springs is a unique experience. In the area you will find hotels and guesthouses for your accommodation, as well as restaurants for your food.

In summary, there are unique winter destinations in Northern Greece. A trip to any of them will reward you with the best experiences, which will be unforgettable. By renting your car from Alpha Drive, you have the flexibility to travel with great ease and have the ideal winter holiday for you.

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