The first thing that crosses many minds when it comes to vacation, is the hot Greek summer. Especially, if your favorite destinations are located  in Northern Greece, surely your holidays are intertwined with the blue waters and the golden beaches of Halkidiki. However, Northern Greece remains beautiful even when we are in the heart of Winter. Reading this article, you will discover what are the top winter destinations near Thessaloniki, to experience great moments of serenity, even on the coldest days of the year. Keep reading and you will discover the most beautiful winter shelters within a small distance of the co-capital. We have chosen for you a great variety of destinations, in order to meet your needs, regardless of whether you are going on a family vacation, a vacation with friends or a romantic vacation with your soulmate.

Winter destinations for families

Definitely, a trip during the winter months is a great opportunity for the whole family to relax. However, parents should select a destination that will not be too far away from their home and will also offer child-friendly activities. If you want to combine the holidays with learning new things, we suggest you visit the prefecture of Pella. The impressive ancient Pella is only a 45 minute drive from the city of Thessaloniki. Although most of us know it only as the birthplace of Alexander the Great, Ancient Pella was also the capital of the Macedonian Kingdom and one of the most advanced cities of its time.

You can continue your journey in the Ancient Macedonian world by visiting Vergina, in the prefecture of Imathia. Vergina, called Aiges in ancient times, was the first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom. There, you will have the opportunity to admire the famous Macedonian tombs, which are excellent examples of Macedonian art and architecture. The museum, which houses the findings of the necropolis of Aigai, is located below ground level, just like the royal Macedonian tombs. Taking a tour of the museum, you and your children will have the opportunity to get extremely familiar Macedonian history by admiring the great collection of exhibits housed there.

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Visiting winter holiday destinations with friends

If you are looking for winter destinations near Thessaloniki,  so you can have some fun moments with your friends, we suggest you choose places that will have several entertainment options and will offer you the opportunity to do group sports activities, such as hiking and cycling.

A wonderful city that you should definitely visit with your friends is the enchanting city of Kavala. Kavala is located 153 km from Thessaloniki and is one of the most important tourist and commercial centers of Macedonia. Although it is built by the sea, the city of Kavala is one of the most popular destinations in Northern Greece during the winter months as well, due to its many entertainment options, especially among young people. In Kavala, you can find countless cafes and restaurants with excellent food, while the city is famous for its nightlife, as its clubs are on fire every night, with people dancing to the rhythms of foreign and Greek songs.

It would be a shame not to include Kaimaktsalan and more specifically its ski center among the best winter destinations near Thessaloniki. Mount Kaimaktsalan or Voras is the third largest mountain in Greece with its peak reaching 2,524 m. The ski slopes are one of the largest we have in our country. Furthermore, they can meet the needs of all skiers no matter how experienced they are. The ski resort also has a luxurious three-storey chalet where you can relax with your friends admiring the view of the magnificent Lake Vegoritida.

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Winter destinations for couples

If you want to get away from the routine of everyday life with your loved one, there are winter destinations near Thessaloniki, which will offer you magical romantic moments, without having to make a long and tedious trip. Definitely, one of the most romantic activities one can do with one’s partner is to enjoy a bath in natural hot springs. The magnificent Pozar baths, located at a distance of 109 km from Thessaloniki, are truly a wonder of nature. In Pozar, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing nature bath, as well as a romantic meal in one of the local restaurants, admiring the stunning views of Mount Kaimaktsalan.

For couples who love nature and lake tours, we highly recommend visiting the magnificent lake Kerkini. The lake is located next to the village of Kerkini and is 96 km away from Thessaloniki. Kerkini is a habitat of high importance, as it is home to rare species of mammals and birds, such as the water buffalo and the silver pelican. One of the most beautiful activities you can do as a couple, is a beautiful lake tour with the characteristic plaves (type of boat). A lake tour takes about 45 minutes, enough time to admire all the rare species of birds that live in the lake. For the adventurous types who are not afraid of the winter cold, we suggest a bike ride on the lakeside tracks of Kerkini.

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The enchanting winter destinations near Thessaloniki, which you read about in this article, promise you carefree moments of tranquility, without having to make a long and tedious trip. In addition, Alpha Drive offers you the car of your dreams, making your travel even more comfortable and enjoyable!

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