Halkidiki is one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece, with great beaches, superb facilities and luxury hotels. Depending on the type of vacation you are interested in, the wider area of ​​Halkidiki can offer a multitude of activities. Whether you prefer vivid nightlife, or you are a sports and sea lover, in Halkidiki you will find what you are looking for!

In fact, most tourists but also Thessalonians prefer to choose Pefkohori Halkidiki for their summer vacation. A large settlement, located in Kassandra, surrounded by lush pine forests and olive groves, could also be considered an earthly paradise. If you want to experience the ultimate summer vacation, below you will find the best things you can do in Pefkohori Halkidiki!

Pefkohori Scuba & Snorkeling Activities 

Explore the magnificent marine life of Halkidiki safely by choosing an organized scuba dive. An experience worth remembering for the rest of your life! The stunning crystal clear waters of Halkidiki can provide excellent visibility, while the rich seabed with a variety of species and marine organisms will give you a unique diving experience. You will also get the chance to obtain a certificate if you wish, but of course, if you are a beginner there is the opportunity to be trained in the diving process.

Οι καλύτερες δραστηριότητες που μπορείς να κάνεις στο Πευκοχώρι Χαλκιδικής - Scuba and Snorkeling - Alpha Drive Rent a Car

Pefkohori Beach

If you choose to stay in Pefkohori, it is good to know that in the village there is a beach suitable for swimming with golden sand and blue waters which is also offered for fishing. The beach is friendly for families with children but also for all ages as it offers a variety of activities, such as water sports, while it is fully organized. You will also find cafes, restaurants and taverns just a few meters away.

Hanioti Beach

Apart from the beach of the village, in the surrounding area and nearby you will find many more beaches with amazing waters worth exploring. One of them is the beach of Hanioti which is only 3.5 km from Pefkohori. Near the beach, you will find cafes, restaurants, bars and taverns, while the beach is fully equipped with sun loungers and parasols.

Glarokavos Port

Just 6 km from Pefkohori on the east coast of Kassandra Peninsula lies the impressive beach of Glarokavos. The beach is mostly sandy with a few small pebbles, while the waters are shallow and crystal clear. In addition, the beach is surrounded by large trees offering shade areas, while a small part of the beach is managed by the Glarokavos beach bar, a cosy and friendly place suitable for rest and relaxation. The beach bar features umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, free parking, a beach volleyball court, rackets and large pillows and sofas to relax and enjoy your drink.

Οι καλύτερες δραστηριότητες που μπορείς να κάνεις στο Πευκοχώρι Χαλκιδικής - Γλαρόκαβος - Alpha Drive Rent a Car

Golden Beach

Just next to Glarokavos, near Paliouri you will find another beach suitable for all ages and all types of visitors. The Golden Beach, a real jewel as locals say, offers both an organized beach bar and free space to place your own umbrellas. It is large enough and safe and easily accessible as well as crystal-clear.


Just 5 minutes away from Glarokavos, you will find another very beautiful and well-organized beach bar that usually attracts younger people. Comfortable seating, music nights and parties during summer can promise you unique moments of fun!

Orca Cocktail Bar

Apart from the beautiful beaches, Pefkohori also has a vivid nightlife. You can enjoy your drink or cocktail at the beach under the sounds of live music at the Orca Cocktail Bar or continue your evening at one of Halkidiki’s famous nightclubs such as Angels Club or Pearl.

Outdoor Activities

If you belong to the more alternative types, Pefkohori has other activities and things you can do. A great suggestion that will give you unique moments of fun while giving you the chance to get to know the Halkidiki region better is a 4×4 guided tour. You will have the opportunity through a dream trip to discover the amazing beaches of Halkidiki, unique sights and points of interest but also to enjoy the natural beauty of this magnificent peninsula.

Οι καλύτερες δραστηριότητες που μπορείς να κάνεις στο Πευκοχώρι Χαλκιδικής - Υπαίθριες Δραστηριότητες - Alpha Drive Rent a Car

On the other hand, if you are a fan of extreme sports and the sea, Pefkohori provides plenty of these activities. Admire the beauties of Kassandra from above surpassing your fear of heights by choosing the exciting experience of paratrike. In fact, it is a two-seater, powered parachute on wheels that offers easy landing and take-off. On the other hand, sailing is an amazing experience as well, which gives you the opportunity to explore the hidden treasures of the Halkidiki Peninsula!

Have a fantastic summer experience that you will remember for your whole life! The activities and things you can do in Pefkohori and throughout the peninsula of Halkidiki promise unique moments of fun!

By renting your car from Alpha Drive Rent a Car you will have the chance to admire the beauties of Halkidiki and live an unforgettable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!