The fast pace of everyday life does not leave much room for romance in our lives. Especially during the summer months, urban centers often become suffocating due to the heat, although they continue to offer a wide range of entertainment options. The ideal solution for a couple who wants to combine the activities offered in  the city with romance, would be some small but magical excursions near Thessaloniki. Although there are many beautiful locations in the area, we have selected the three romantic destinations near Thessaloniki, that will create the most memorable moments for you .

Enjoy a romantic lake tour on Kerkini

Lake Kerkini is located in the prefecture of Serres and is one of the ten most important wetlands in Greece. Kerkini is one of the best romantic destinations near Thessaloniki, as it is only 93km from it and 53km from the city of Serres. The area is full of incomparable natural beauty and provides a wide range of sport and leisure activities.

Kerkini is the result of human intervention. After the construction of the dam on the river Strymon in 1932, the lake was used as a means of storing water for irrigation purposes. However, the materials carried by the river water to the lake created a rich subsoil in the area, making it an ecological paradise. Lake Kerkini is home to many rare animals such as buffalo, roe deer, pelicans and flamingos. In addition to the rich fauna, Lake Kerkini has a rich flora which consists of wild willows, water lilies and lakeside trees.In this enchanting location, ideal sport activities for couples are available for you. You could choose activities such as organized walking and mountaineering routes .Considering your dining options, you could visit  local restaurants in the nearby villages, there you will find local dishes such as buffalo steaks and sausages.Top 3 Romantic Destinations Near Thessaloniki-kerkini-AlphaDrive

Try the experience of the hot springs at Pozar Thermal  Baths

Pozar is located in the prefecture of Pella and is 13 km from the city of Aridea and 111 km from Thessaloniki. If you and your partner want to try a hot bath in the middle of a lush landscape, Pozar Baths are the perfect place for you. The reason we chose to include Pozar in the most romantic destinations near Thessaloniki is the plethora of activities they offer. At Pozar Baths you can have some unique experiences that will create unforgettable memories for you as a couple.

The beautiful spa town is located in the shadow of Mount Kaimaktsalan, however its thermal springs come from Mount Vora. Reaching a temperature of 37 ° C, the Pozar springs combine healing properties with wellness and entertainment. You can choose to swim in a natural Spring  or visit one of the Spas in the area for a more comfortable experience. In addition to swimming in the thermal baths you can do other romantic activities in the area such as horse riding. The equestrian center of Macedonia – Rancho Menippos in the municipality of Aridea, is a wonderful destination near Pozar if you like horseback riding. The Ranch has well-organized facilities and offers basic riding training to visitors who would like to try horseback riding.Finally, you can visit the small palaeontological museum of the spa town. There you will see a collection of fossils, as well as exhibits of folklore interest.

Top 3 Romantic Destinations Near Thessaloniki-Try the experience of the hot springs at Pozar Thermal Baths-AlphaDrive

Naoussa, a paradise of romance for those who love nature

If you love nature, history and good wine, Naoussa is one of the romantic destinations near Thessaloniki that you should definitely consider. With only 91 km separating it from Thessaloniki, Naoussa is a place of recreation for many couples who can not or do not want to leave too far from the co-capital. Starting with the natural beauties of Naoussa, You should definitely make a stop in the area of ​​Agios Nikolaos which is within a walking distance from the city of Naoussa. There you will find a unique forest of plane trees, the artificial lake of the area and the church of Agios Nikolaos. You will also find cafes, restaurants and sports facilities.

In Naoussa you can admire a piece of rich Macedonian history. The area between the villages of Hariessa, Kopanos and Lefkada is of great archaeological interest. Being the location where the Ancient city of Mieza was located, it hosts well-preserved burial monuments and other archeological finds.Finally, an excellent experience for wine lovers, would be a visit to the wine and vine museum housed in Boutaris’ building. There, you and your partner can admire, exhibits related to viticulture and wine production.On your departure from Naoussa you could buy one of the particularly delicious wines of the area, as a souvenir.

Top 3 Romantic Destinations Near Thessaloniki-Naoussa a paradise of romance for those who love nature-AlphaDrive

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