The city of Thessaloniki is one of the most affordable places for vacation in Greece. Due to its lower tourism compared to the islands and southern Greece, Thessaloniki is relatively ‘uninfected’ and friendly to those who would like to visit it. Its reputation as a student-run city means there are many areas in which someone could shop and eat on a budget.

So, here’s some clever tips for a “cheap” visit to Thessaloniki:

Countless Cheap Eating Options

You don’t need a lot of money for a cheap but quality lunch in Thessaloniki. The choices are really many, like pizza, pasta, salads and cost only a few euros. Likewise, endless options for cheap and fast coffee are a great solution for those with a specific budget. This is especially true in student areas around Rotunda and the Universities of Thessaloniki.

Free Tours

συμβουλες-για-οικονομικη-επισκεψη-στη-θεσσαλονικη-δωρεαν-ξεναγησεις-alpha-drive-rent-a-carThere is so much to see in Thessaloniki that you just have to take a coffee and go for a walk. For most of the sights someone can see from the outside you do not need a ticket. Thessaloniki is a beautiful city that offers a lot free of charge.

Visit Street Markets

Shopping in large supermarkets can often be pricey. It is preferable to pay attention to the open markets that have cheap local products. By doing so, the cost is greatly reduced and you can enjoy quality food at the same time.

Take advantage of Free Days

Museums often advertise that on certain days and hours there is free entry (usually on weekends outside peak hours). This is a great way to save some money. All-in-one tickets for all sights are also a great solution for those who want to see many things in one day.

Local Events

συμβουλες-για-οικονομικη-επισκεψη-στη-θεσσαλονικη-τοπικες-εκδηλωσεις-alpha-drive-rent-a-carAmazing events often make their appearance in Thessaloniki, with most notable examples being food festivals, music festivals and generally different events taking place throughout the year. It is usually free and is a great way to see what’s happening in the city.

Accommodation Options

The fact that Thessaloniki has a “student culture” due to the large number of students living in the city attracts many young tourists. Therefore, one of the best ways to meet new people is to stay in hostels. They are cheap and friendly and of course they are in the heart of the city.

Cash Transactions


Greece belongs to the European Union and uses the Euro (€) as its currency. There are many ATMs in the city, but there are not so many exchange points, so it is preferable to exchange currency at the airport. For shopping, in restaurants and supermarket chains, the cards are accepted. Many times, however, businesses prefer cash. Tipping is not compulsory, but always appreciated when someone leaves it. You will also need to bring a lot of change with you if you want to use buses and taxis. If you are a visitor outside the EU, be sure to request a GST receipt as you can claim tax refund at the airport.

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