Thessaloniki has gained the reputation of a city that never sleeps! After all, it is no coincidence that a significant number of well-known travel websites and magazines have included Thessaloniki in lists with the 10 best cities in Europe and even in the world taking over nightlife. Below we will present and analyze the best nightlife options in the city, ranging from beautiful and quiet places for a casual drink to bouzouki and clubs for a vibrant nightlife that starts at midnight and ends in the early hours!


Bouzoukia has always been the genuine Greek way of entertainment, so there was no lack of quality choices for this particular way of entertainment in Thessaloniki so that you could enjoy company with Greek folk songs.

No nightlife in Thessaloniki without a pass from the bouzouki. Famous Greek singers unfold their talent and lift their moods until the morning. Drink your drink, dance to the bouzouki and generally have fun … but Greek! Some great bouzouki cases are Club Vogue, Stage Live and Fix Live.

During the winter, most of the bouzouki are located in the area of ​​Sfagheia, while most of the bouzouki are transported to the airport area during the summer months. Finally, note that live Greek music can be enjoyed in smaller music venues in many places around the city.



Clubs are the main way of entertaining the youth, which automatically means that their design, decoration and atmosphere are generally modern and special. In short, when we talk about clubs in Thessaloniki, we really mean big and impressive venues that guarantee your entertainment until the sun comes up! Most combine Greek and foreign music and often host spectacular events hosting both Greek and foreign dj’s and producers.

Some of the best clubs for frantic fun until the morning are J’adore Supreme Club, Nhaos Nightclub, Casper at Verykoko and Brockolo The Club. All of them are located in the city center and are very easily accessible.



With no trace of exaggeration, in Thessaloniki you can find all kinds of bars according to your tastes and preferences. More specifically, the options are truly endless and range from cocktail bars and wine bars to café bars and bar-restaurants. It is especially common for the thermometer to go up when a theme night is always organized depending on the style of the bar.

During the summer, the choices increase sharply as the terraces appear. Essentially, these are some of the city’s buildings that turn their rooftops into nightlife venues. As you can easily see, the terraces attract a lot of people because they combine quality entertainment with fantastic panoramic views.

The majority of bars are located in the city center and more specifically in well-known areas such as Ladadika, Balauritou and Iktinou. Some excellent bars are Chilai wine restaurant bar, to Whope and Cin Cin.

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