Thessaloniki International Fair or TIF is a very large and highly significant event that consists of a series of events of great interest. The main objective of these events is to establish and strengthen economic and diplomatic relations. Particularly, in recent years, TIF’s reputation and popularity has grown dramatically, as evidenced by the number of tourists that visit Thessaloniki and TIF during the events, which take place during the first two weeks of September. A point of reference is the fact that every year too many companies take part with the ultimate aim of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

The History of Thessaloniki International Fair

The TIF project was first launched back in 1926 by MP Nikolaos Germanos. It has spurred further growth and played a vital role in the economy. However, in the 1940s the TIF stopped operating because of the World War II. A decade later, the solution was given by the US-based Marshall fund, which financed and repaired any material damage caused by the war. Over the next few decades, the TIF boomed enormously, which was why the facilities at that time were rebuilt and became much larger, and some of them are still operating today. Now, the TIF is located in the heart of Thessaloniki opposite the Aristotle University and very close to the archaeological site of Kamara and consists of 180,000 square meters, with 17 large buildings known as kiosks, conference buildings, sports facilities and parking.

84th Thessaloniki International Fair 2019

Each year, the TIF honors a country and this year it is India’s turn. Last year, the honored country was the US and events focused on the digital economy and innovation. This year, the concept will not change much, as India is a financially powerful nation. Specifically, events are expected to focus on the pharmaceutical and aerospace sectors. As every year so many companies from Greece and abroad are expected to give present. Diethnis-Ekthesi-Thessalonikis-Alpha-Drive-Rent-a-Car (2)

Thessaloniki International Fair Themes

Each year the events are divided into several thematic units. This will happen again this year and sources say there will be: Digital Greece, Automotive, Energy, Gastronomy, E-Games and a big number of music events.

Digital Greece

The Digital Greece theme will host hundreds of start-ups from the digital technology field, presenting new products and services on new technologies to the public.


It is the best opportunity for relevant companies to present to the world anything that has to do with the automotive industry. For example, companies promote car and motor equipment, fuel, and many more. Diethnis-Ekthesi-Thessalonikis-Alpha-Drive-Rent-a-Car (4)


In this thematic section, new innovative solutions and technologies related to energy will be presented to the public. Several environmental events and talks will also take place.


In the Gastronomy section, the public attending TIF will have the opportunity to taste a large number of Greek dishes and flavors. More specifically, many famous Greek products will be there, such as feta, honey, olive oil, various wines and much more.


If you’re a big fan of video games, then TIF is the place to visit this year. You will find everything about video games and also a great tournament will be held, with lots of players expected. Diethnis-Ekthesi-Thessalonikis-Alpha-Drive-Rent-a-Car (5)

Music Events

During the two weeks that TIF takes place, there is a concert every day with many famous artists from Greece. In other words, every night the atmosphere is expected to be mesmerizing and it is expected to fascinate us all.

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