The pandemic of Covid-19 is a profound situation that humanity has to deal with, as a lot of fields of our lifes were influenced by it. National Health Systems and global Economy took a huge blow because of the pandemic and the necessary restrictions that followed it. One of the most important things that Covid -19 affected  was our social life. Every form of social interaction was  minimized and  travels were only allowed under extreme circumstances.  Today, the precaution measures because of covid-19 are more flexible because of the high percentage of the vaccinated population. This does not imply by any means tha Covid-19 isn’t still out there.In Greece, the strategy against the spread of Covid-19 is modified constantly following the daily epidemiological data.  That means, that if you are planning to visit Thessaloniki during Covid-19, you should be  well informed about the Covid-19 status of the city and aware of all the recent updates.

Thessaloniki Airport Regulations

Arriving at Thessaloniki airport, passengers of international and domestic flights need to have with them one of the following certificates. A certificate of vaccination against Covid -19 issued by their countries. The language of the certificate could be english, french, german, italian russian or spanish. The certificate is only considered valid on  the condition that a 14 days period has passed since the passenger was fully vaccinated.

You could also have a negative molecular test (PCR) for Covid -19. The test needs to be taken up to 72 hours before their arrival to the airport. The passengers may  also be asked  to have a rapid test as soon as they arrive.This is a  part of the procedure that needs to be followed by the passengers of the incoming flights in order to submit the Passenger Locator Form(PLF) The third alternative is to have a medical certificate of a covid-19 infection. The certificate can be  issued by the country of the passenger,  after a 30 day period of a Covid-19 positive test and its validity lasts for six months.

Thessaloniki During Covid-19 Visitor Updates-thessaloniki airport-alphadriveAccommodation in Thessaloniki during Covid-19

In Thessaloniki you can find  a lot of accommodation options that fulfill all the necessary requirements, needed for your protection against covid-19. All the hotels are obliged to follow the mesures and the recommendations provided by the greek health authorities. That means that their rooms are regularly sanitized and that all the stuff is tested. Most hotels regulate their number of guests  in order to be in accordance with the measures of social distancing. There are also extra measurements considering  high risk facilities such as hotel gyms and Spas.

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Museums of Thessaloniki during Covid-19

The museums are open to visitors who want to admire the archaeological and cultural gems of the city, as long as they follow the social distancing rules.All visitors are obliged to wear masks during their visit to the museums. For the groups following a guide tour, the maximum number is 20 people only on the condition that all of the members of the group have been tasted. The frequent sanitizing of hands via antiseptic products and washing is highly recommended. You should also avoid touching surfaces and using hand dryers .

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Entertainment in Thessaloniki during Covid-19 

In the city of Thessaloniki during Covid-19, there is a variety of entertainment options that you could make, just  taking some necessary precautions.If you are a cinema lover, the sunny summer weather of the town is your ally as the openair cinemas are allowed to operate in 75% capacity. You could also have a taste of  the famous cuisine of Thessaloniki in local restaurants, where you are allowed to sit and have your supper, not wearing a mask , as long as you are outdoors.

Furthermore, you could visit some of the majestic beaches near Thessaloniki such as Epanomi , Asprovalta and Stavros. There you could find all the amenities that someone would expect in an organized beach. Those include comfortable seabeds, cocktails and snacks . In those organized beaches , there is a regular sanitizing routine combined with the necessary distance required among the seabeds. That means that you could enjoy carefree moments, sunbathing, not worrying about a thing.

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Thessaloniki during Covid-19 is quite different from  its usual state. That of course does not mean that its happy and carefree mentality is suppressed by this profound health crisis. Thessaloniki has  great experiences to offer to its visitors, even during Covid-19 era, besides all the protection measurements that need to be taken. In tis beautifull town you can still enjoy sightseeing, tasting great food and creating warm memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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