SoulFood Thessaloniki (Upnloud & Black Radio Berlin) in collaboration with The Hoppy Pub are back with a new event in March in Thessaloniki. For those of you who love craft beer, you will have the opportunity to taste unique flavours from individual producers through a three-day trip to the unique Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience.

Greek Brewery

The production of beer from raw materials and innovative techniques is now considered a must, with worldwide interest in small producers and independent breweries. At the same time, those who love beer and handmade beer have also shifted their interest, looking for small breweries that use carefully selected raw materials and produce high-quality beer.

It is noteworthy that many Greek brewers have entered the field of production because of their love for craft beer, excelling not only in the Greek brewery but also globally. Typical examples are the labels “Flaros”, “εζα”, “ΝΗΣΟΣ”, “Blame the sun”, “Dark Crops Brewery” etc.

Now, dozens of high-quality craft beers are produced in our country by microbreweries with main competitive characteristics that they are unrefined, fresh and unfiltered. These craft beers, then, are more aromatic and more unique than commercial beers, creating a small brewing revolution.

Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience 2020 -Ελληνική Ζυθοποιία - Alpha Drive Rent a Car 

Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience 

Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience aims to turn the whole city of Thessaloniki into a unique Tasting Craft destination, introducing to beer fanatics high-quality handmade beer makers. Aimed at becoming one of the largest craft beer festivals in the Balkans, Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience invites you to the Thessaloniki Port Warehouse in March to guide and introduce you to the world and tastes of Craft beer, hoping to turn the city into one of the top destinations for such an event.

For three days you will have the opportunity to get to know some of the world’s leading brewers as well as some of the finest brewers in Greece, to explore their culture and philosophy as well as taste original and unique brews.

Don’t miss the Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience, a high-profile event organized for the first time in Greece!

Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience 2020 - Thessaloniki Craft Beer Experience -Alpha Drive Rent a Car

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