The climate of Thessaloniki, although Mediterranean, presents a variety of peculiarities due to its geographical position.

The main feature of the Thessaloniki climate is the frequent, intense but short rainfalls throughout the year even during the summer months. Generally the days are characterized by sunshine and mild weather.


The average annual city temperature varies between 15-17 degrees Celsius. The lowest average temperature is recorded in January at 5.5 ° C and the highest in July at 26.5 ° C.


Snowfalls in the city of Thessaloniki, and especially on the outskirts of the city, is not a rare phenomenon, although the snow often melts as it reaches the ground. Of course, there are exceptions, such as the 2017 snowfall.


Humidity is one of the factors that have a great impact on the climate of Thessaloniki. Due to the increased humidity, the heat in the summer becomes more intense, as well as the cold during the winters.