In the northern part of Greece, Halkidiki is the most popular and enchanting holiday destination, boasting stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking natural landscapes. Beyond its well-known tourist spots such as Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, there are some hidden destinations of paradise waiting to be explored. Let’s take a trip to discover the top 5 secret getaways in Halkidiki that offer a unique and peaceful escape from the ordinary!

The waterfalls of Varvara

In a beautiful landscape in the mountainous Halkidiki, on the route between Olympiada and Varvara Halkidiki you will find the 2 waterfalls of Varvara. In the dense forest of Kipouristra, the two beautiful waterfalls emerge in a spectacular way through the magnificent vegetation, creating a fairytale landscape. The water flows into the Mavrolakas, the river that is the border between Olympiada and Varvara. The surrounding area is a natural landscape of unsurpassed beauty, with iatami, beech and ash trees, while the brightly coloured rocks form a kind of gateway to the heights. Both the location and the sense of calm, serenity and contact with the natural element are breathtaking, enjoying a unique excursion for a breath of fresh air in the heat of summer.

The top 5 secret escapes in Halkidiki - The waterfalls of Varvara-Alpha Drive

Kanistro Beach

Kanistro beach is one of the top secret getaways in Halkidiki and is located at the southeastern end of Kassandra, which can be reached by car. It is mainly sandy with a few pebbles and partially organized, with a beach bar, and offers access to disabled people, even having lifeguard supervision. It is also considered ideal for those seeking relaxation and tranquility on holiday, as it is not very crowded or noisy. In fact, every year it is awarded the Blue Flag. The route to get down to the beach is very beautiful and the view from the cliffs is magical where you can enjoy the Aegean Sea!

The top 5 secret escapes in Halkidiki-Paralia Kanistro Beach-Alpha Drive

The lonely beach at the Baths of Agia Paraskevi

If you want to enjoy your swim on the first foot of Halkidiki, but this time you are looking for a more quiet and special destination, beyond the well-known popular beaches, we can recommend a special secret getaway! It is a beach that very few people know about and it is located in the Loutra of Agia Paraskevi. It is five kilometers from the village of the same name, on its southern side, and a seaside tourist settlement has been developed at the spot due to the large influx of tourists to Loutra, because of its therapeutic properties. Immediately after the baths, a dirt road on your right will lead you to the lonely beach, with its wonderful crystal clear waters and the unique view of the endless blue. Its peculiarity is the fact that from the rocks comes water of hydrogen sulfide, at a temperature of 39oC, which flows into the sea, to which it gives some of its curative properties. This is the reason why the beach has warm waters even during the winter. So for those who visit it can combine the benefits of thermal and sea bathing to benefit their health.

The top 5 secret getaways in Halkidiki - the lonely beach at the Baths of Agia Paraskevi-Alha Drive

Porto Koufo 

Porto Koufo is a small and quiet fishing village, located about 25 km from Neos Marmaras and to reach it, you will have to drive a beautiful route through pine trees, which will be unforgettable. Porto Koufo is the deepest and safest natural harbor in Greece, whose name means “the deaf harbor”, as sometimes you can’t even hear it from the sea! Porto Koufo beach is one of the top secret getaways and located opposite the port, it will offer you moments of relaxation and tranquility as it is not very touristy. In the village there are apartments to let and a few hotels for your stay. The view of the harbor from the top is unique with the huge rocks rising above a bay, which looks like a lake.

The top 5 secret escapes in Halkidiki-Porto Koufoufo-Alpha Drive

Trimi Beach

It is a beach of exceptional beauty, an untouched paradise near the borders of Mount Athos. A beach with crystal clear waters, which is actually three beaches, separated by towering vertical cliffs. The cliffs offer natural shade and shelter from the summer sun’s rays, but are also ideal for diving for the more adventurous people. The beach is not well known and is one of the hidden paradise beaches of Greece. It can be accessed by boat, by swimming or via a path from the adjacent beaches. In this way, Trimi beach is one of the exotic destinations of Halkidiki, which will surely offer you moments of relaxation and peace!

The top 5 secret getaways in Halkidiki-Paralia Trimi-Alha Drive

By reading this article we hope we have helped you explore the top secret getaways of Halkidiki. So when you visit Halkidiki, be sure to take the time to explore these secret and secluded gems. Each location offers a unique experience, allowing you to get away from the touristy and bustling places and discover the unspoilt beauty that Halkidiki has to offer. Whether you enjoy the beautiful landscapes or enjoy the tranquility of its hidden beaches, Halkidiki promises an unforgettable escape to paradise. So why wait? Embark on a journey and discover the secret wonders of Halkidiki, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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