Thessaloniki is a city, which is famous for its beauty, but also for its delicious food! For these reasons we decided to prepare for you a list that includes the best restaurants with a view in Thessaloniki. In this way, you will be able to combine fantastic images from the beautiful Thessaloniki, but also flavors that will remain forever in your mind and heart!

Seafood restaurants with a view

If you find yourself in Thessaloniki, one of the travel experiences you must try, is the fantastic seafood dishes offered in the restaurants of Thessaloniki!

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Mavri Thalassa

Mavri Thalassa is a restaurant with a long history located in one of the most characteristic places of Kalamaria, offering a fantastic view of the port of Aretsous and Thermaikos gulf! The restaurant has a rustic, wooden decoration that makes it look like an old schooner that is ready to take you to the most enchanting and delicious destinations! The history of the Mavri Thalassa began in 1926, when it opened in the region of  Kato Toumba! Since 1984, Mavri Thalassa has been moved to its current magical location, serving exclusively fish and seafood! What makes the Black Sea stand out is the pure raw materials it uses and the high culinary approach of the dishes it serves!


Miami in Nea Krini, is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in the city having identified its name with delicious dishes, which are inspired by Greek traditional cuisine! The decoration of the restaurant is strongly influenced by navy decor, but also incorporates elements of luxury! This particular restaurant is a family business, which for years has been a hangout not only for the residents of the city, but also for celebrities visiting Thessaloniki! There, its visitors have the opportunity to try some delicious seafood dishes such as mussels, lobster pasta and cuttlefish wines!

Meat restaurants with a view

In addition to wonderful seafood dishes in Thessaloniki, you can also enjoy excellent meat dishes in restaurants that will impress you both with their view and their tastes!

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The Balcony of Kreonidis

Kreonidis restaurant is one of the city’s well-known haunts for those who love good food and eye-catching landscapes! It is located in the area of ​​Agios Pavlos, offering a panoramic view of the entire city. The architecture of this enchanting restaurant is reminiscent of traditional Macedonian balconies.


‘The balcony’ of Kreonidis is a favorite hangout for those who like traditional recipes and fresh meat! Although the restaurant also has a wide variety of mouth-watering seafood dishes, undoubtedly the main attraction for its guests is the juicy local meats grilled on coals!

Apenanti Apo ta Kastra

“Apenanti Apo ta Kastra” is one of the restaurants with a view in Thessaloniki that stand out not only for their unique location, but also for the fine dishes and hospitality they provide to their customers! “Apenanti Apo ta Kastra” as its name suggests is located in one of the most historic areas of Thessaloniki, the castles of Eptapyrgio. Overlooking the imposing walls of the city. In this beautiful corner, which is not known to many, you will have the opportunity to try traditional dishes based on the most delicious homemade recipes of Greek cuisine!

If you visit this picturesque tavern, we suggest you start your meal with the delicious eggplant rolls and definitely when you get to the main course, don’t miss the delicious sutzukakia, made with minced beef!

The best bars with a view in Thessaloniki

After we did a short tour of the best restaurants with a view in Thessaloniki, covering a range of tastes! It’s time to talk about the best bars with a view in town!

Villa Luna

Villa Luna is an excellent choice to spend a fantastic evening in the city, enjoying an idyllic panoramic view of Thermaikos, but also private gardens. The simple decoration of Villa Luna combined with the excellent service offered by its staff, make it an excellent casual choice to enjoy a relaxing drink or a cocktail!

Vanilla World Skybar

The Vanilla World Skybar is an excellent choice of entertainment for those who love islands and summer, as with its exotic decoration and characteristic cocktails, it takes its customers to dreamy far away destinations, while offering a fantastic view of the city! Vanilla world skybar is located in one of the busiest and most cosmopolitan corners of the city, close to its port, offering an amazing view of its entire waterfront!

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We hope that reading this article you found some very interesting options to enjoy your food or drink while admiring the magnificent view of Thessaloniki! By renting your car in Thessaloniki from Alpha Drive, you have the opportunity to visit the best restaurants with a view in any corner of the city!

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