Terms & Conditions


With this agreement ALPHA DRIVE leases to the undersigned lessee the Vehicle shown in the present (including any replacement vehicle) under the following terms and agreements as well as those on the front page, which are accepted in full by the Lessee.


The Vehicle is delivered to the Lessee in good condition. Any vehicle defects will be specified in the condition report, which will be attached to the Rental Agreement and signed by the Lessee. Defects found on the Vehicle that are not specified in the aforementioned special document shall be deemed to have been caused by the Lessee. Any complaint or reservation by the Lessee regarding the condition of the Vehicle must be expressed immediately upon delivery of the vehicle and in writing on the Rental Agreement. Failure to express a complaint in writing in such manner and at such time shall be regarded as unconditional acceptance of delivery. The Lessee undertakes to return to ALPHA DRIVE the Vehicle and all related printed matter, tools and accessories in the condition in which it was received, at the time and place specified in the Agreement. The Lessee is also obliged to return the Vehicle with the same amount of fuel in the tank with which it was delivered. ALPHA DRIVE reserves the right to recover possession and use of the Vehicle at any time without notice and at the expense of the Lessee if the Vehicle has been or is being used in violation of the terms of this agreement.


ALPHA DRIVE provides third-party liability insurance only to those who use the Vehicle with permission, with an insurance policy whose terms and conditions are available for review. If the damage caused to third parties exceeds the amount of insurance coverage, the Lessee shall be liable for the excess to be paid by ALPHA DRIVE. If the insurance indemnity specified in the above insurance policy is not paid or is only partly paid for reasons within the responsibility of the Lessee, the Lessee shall be liable to ALPHA DRIVE for the total amount to be paid by ALPHA DRIVE to third parties. The above insurance coverage does not cover damage to the Vehicle.

ALPHA DRIVE offers an insurance policy, the terms of which are available for review, providing coverage in the event of theft of the Vehicle and its destruction by fire. Theft or fire caused by the Lessee’s own negligence is not covered by the insurance. Loss of personal belongings of the Lessee that were inside the Vehicle is also not covered.

ALPHA DRIVE covers damage to the Vehicle in the event of a car accident, subject to a deductible paid by the Lessee in accordance with the company’s price list (CDW insurance). The deductible is due even if the car accident was caused by the fault of a third party. The fee for this coverage is included in the rental price of the Vehicle. For a fee specified in the company’s price list, ALPHA DRIVE covers all damage to the Vehicle in the event of a car accident, without the Lessee having to pay an excess (FDW insurance). Damage to wheels, undercarriage, windows and mirrors in the event of an accident is not covered unless the Lessee chooses additional insurance by paying the corresponding premium specified in the company’s price list (WUG insurance). Coverage for the above damages is therefore provided upon payment of the corresponding premium and is noted in the comment section of the Rental Agreement.

ALPHA DRIVE covers all damage to the exterior and mechanical parts of the Vehicle if caused by the agreed proper use. However, the Lessee shall be liable for any damage to the interior of the Vehicle, even if such damage was caused by daily use, by a third party, as a result of an accident or a force majeure event.

  1. 3. CHARGES

The Lessee, unless otherwise agreed, is required to pay the following amounts in advance at the beginning of the rental period upon delivery of the Vehicle:

  1. a) All time charges based on the prices specified in this agreement and all taxes, fees or other related costs.
  2. b) The fee for coverage of damages by ALPHA DRIVE and any other charge provided for in the terms and conditions of the agreement or in the current price list.

The Lessee, unless otherwise agreed, shall pay ALPHA DRIVE the following amounts at the end of the rental period:

    1. a) Mileage cost based on the rates specified in this agreement.
    2. b) All necessary costs for refueling the vehicle.
    3. c) All costs borne by ALPHA DRIVE, including attorney’s fees and default interest, as a result of late payment of rental amounts.
    4. d) All penalty fees, court fines and other costs imposed or to be imposed on ALPHA DRIVE due to violations in the use of the Vehicle by the Lessee, unless ALPHA DRIVE is responsible for such violations. In the latter case, the Lessee or the authorized driver remains liable for any violations of the law.
    5. e) Any amount required to replace damaged tires and repair mechanical damage and wear to the body of the Vehicle, if not covered by ALPHA DRIVE.
    6. f) Any discounts that may have been granted will be withdrawn if the bill is not paid by the due date.
    7. g) All charges are subject to final review.

              4. TERMS OF USE

The Lessee is obliged to inform ALPHA DRIVE immediately in the event of a mechanical defect or an indication of a malfunction of the Vehicle, so that either ALPHA DRIVE designates an authorized repair shop for inspection and repair or an employee of ALPHA DRIVE carries out the inspection and repair. The Lessee is obliged to inform ALPHA DRIVE immediately of any problems and defects of the Vehicle occurring during the rental period. Any intervention in the Vehicle by the Lessee or other third parties is prohibited without the prior consent of ALPHA DRIVE. Failure to comply with the aforementioned obligations means an obligation to compensate ALPHA DRIVE for any damage incurred.

The Vehicle may not be used:

  1. a) To drive along the edge of the roadway (curb) and on unpaved roads or areas.
  2. b) To transport persons or goods for a fee.
  3. c) To tow or pull cars or other objects.
  4. d) To participate in speed races.
  5. e) To sublet or transfer to third parties.
  6. f) If the Lessee or the authorized driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or other substances affecting the driver’s driving ability and consciousness.
  7. g) In violation of customs, traffic or other regulations.
  8. h) By third parties unless authorized by ALPHA DRIVE and specified in the appropriate section on the front page of this agreement.
  9. i) To transport or move heavy luggage, flammable materials, dirty or bad-smelling objects, medicines, drugs etc.
  10. g) To travel abroad (outside Greece).
  11. k) To carry out illegal acts or activities.

It is allowed to transport the Vehicle by ferry on condition that only the Lessee parks the Vehicle on the ferry.


If the Lessee wishes to extend the rental period, he/she must notify ALPHA DRIVE within 48 (forty-eight) hours before the expiry of the rental period in order to obtain the relevant authorization. Without such authorization, the rental period will not be extended, excluding tacit renewal of the rental agreement, even if the Lessee continues to use the Vehicle. Failure by the Lessee to request and obtain the aforementioned authorization shall subject the Lessee to civil and criminal liability for the illegal use and possession of the vehicle. In the event of an extension, the Lessee shall be bound by the terms of both the original agreement and the extension, regardless of whether it is the same vehicle or a different one that is handed over as a replacement. The rental fee for the extension period may not necessarily be the same as that for the previous period, but may be adjusted at the discretion of ALPHA DRIVE.


ALPHA DRIVE is liable for malfunctions of the Vehicle and for damage incurred by the Lessee during the rental period only if they were caused by ALPHA DRIVE intentionally or as a result of gross negligence. In all other cases ALPHA DRIVE shall not be liable whatsoever and no claims can be made against it.


In the event of an accident or other incident (fire, theft, etc.), the Lessee is obliged to proceed immediately as follows:

  1. a) Notify the police.
  2. b) Note the names and addresses of eyewitnesses.
  3. c) Not acknowledge third party claims.
  4. d) Contact ALPHA DRIVE immediately by phone or any other means.
  5. e) Collect any relevant information from third parties.
  6. f) Complete and sign an Accident/Incident Report.
  7. g) Send any accident-related documents or information to ALPHA DRIVE.

Any damage or costs incurred by ALPHA DRIVE as a result of the breach of the above obligations shall be borne by the Lessee.


ALPHA DRIVE has the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice for good cause or if the Lessee violates any term of this Agreement or any other agreed term, or violates the law. Termination of the rental agreement can be done in any way (verbally, by phone, e-mail, etc.). In this case, the Lessee is obliged to return the Vehicle immediately on his/her own responsibility and at his/her own expense. The Lessee is obliged to return the Vehicle in the condition in which it was received and to pay all amounts due.

If the termination occurs on grounds for which the Lessee can be held responsible, any rental fees or other amounts paid in advance by the Lessee shall be withheld by ALPHA DRIVE as a contractual penalty. The claim of ALPHA DRIVE to additional compensation remains unaffected.


The Lessee has been informed that the personal information contained in this Agreement or other data collected with the subscription will be processed by ALPHA DRIVE and stored until all obligations under this Agreement have been fulfilled, and the Lessee agrees to this. The Lessee may at any time withdraw consent, object to the use of such data, obtain copies, request deletion or correction by sending an email to info@alphadrive.gr and file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. All personal data is encrypted and stored in the database of ALPHA DRIVE, the sole responsible for the processing, which is carried out exclusively by ALPHA DRIVE employees. The use and processing of personal data by ALPHA DRIVE takes place only as part of the writing, conclusion and execution of the vehicle rental agreement. Only ALPHA DRIVE’s attorneys and bailiffs may be recipients of the Lessee’s personal data within the scope of their authority, and only in cases where ALPHA DRIVE alleges a breach of a contractual clause by the Lessee or a violation of the law and in order to protect ALPHA DRIVE’s interests. You can find more information about the storage and processing of your personal data on our website and under the link https://alphadrive.gr/f-a-q/.

  1. 10. OTHER TERMS

During the rental period, all authorized drivers and all third parties who sign the rental agreement as representatives of the Lessee are jointly and severally liable with the Lessee for all damages.

Failure to comply with any term of the Agreement constitutes an obligation on the part of the Lessee to indemnify ALPHA DRIVE for all positive and consequential damages.

This Agreement supersedes all other written or oral agreements between ALPHA DRIVE and the Lessee, and any amendment thereto requires the written form to the exclusion of all other means of proof.

The rental is governed by Greek law.


All disputes arising out of and in connection with this Rental Agreement between ALPHA DRIVE and the Lessee shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Courts and the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki.