This summer vacation is a topic that concerns many people.  A lot of them are searching the internet, with the aim of planning the perfect vacation. Finding the perfect destination and organizing a fun and creative program is the key for all those who have been looking forward to the whole year, for the moment to take a break.

Of course, things get a little more complicated when it comes to family vacations. Summer activities for kids should definitely be included in your schedule to ensure that the whole family will have a good time during this period. If the area you have chosen for your vacation is the enchanting Chalkidiki, then we have some very interesting suggestions that will make your children have an unforgettable summer.

Fun activities at sea

The benefits of the sea are indisputable for young and older people. In addition to the soothing coolness it offers us during the summer months, the sea provides many other benefits for our health and psyche. Summer activities for children will give our little friends a great opportunity for exercise and entertainment. The area of ​​Chalkidiki has many beaches, which are ideal for young children. Some of them are Siviri beach and Polychrono beach in Kassandra. Also very good options for family vacations are the beach of Klimataria and that of Neos Marmaras. These beaches are ideal for summer activities with children due to their crystal clear and shallow waters. They are also sandy, which reduces the risk of accidents. In these wonderful  waters you can spend a pleasant and creative time with your children playing, swimming or even canoeing.

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Exercise with your kids

Chalkidiki is a very beautiful place that is suitable for sports activities that will excite our little friends . Some of the summer activities for children that you can try are tennis, cycling and hiking. Your choice should be based on the age and interests of your child.

If your children like tennis you can choose from several state-of-the-art tennis centers, which although part of the facilities of well-known hotels in Chalkidiki, are open to outside guests who are tennis lovers. If you enjoy cycling as a family, Chalkidiki has endless natural cycling routes. The soil of Chalkidiki is quite smooth, which favors cycling for young children. You can also choose some beautiful and easy walking routes that will bring your children in contact with nature. Indicatively you could try the route from the Tower of Stavronikitas and it ends in the forest of Nea Fokea.

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Creative activities for kids

Summer activities for kids should definitely include artistic excursions. One of the best forms for children to get familiar with the arts is the summer cinema. Chalkidiki has several options of summer cinemas. There your children will be able to watch yesterday and today movies in a safe, outdoor space. An excellent choice for summer cinema in Chalkidiki is the annual film festival of the stone-built Parthenon Village. This year, due to the measures against the pandemic, the festival will take place at the open municipal theater of the village of Marmara. You can also see with your children, some of the theatrical performances that tour during the summer, throughout Chalkidiki. This ensures fun moments for the whole family.

Summer Activities for Kids - creative Activities for Kids - AlphaDrive Rent a CarExcursions to the museums of Chalkidiki

 While the holidays are a time of relaxation for everyone, this does not mean that your children will not be able to acquire new knowledge during it. Chalkidiki is a place with a rich history and tradition. You could meet them in one of the many museums in the area. Museum tours are one of the most enjoyable summer activities for kids to choose from as they are an imaginative and not at all tedious way of learning for your children. The museum of Polygyros is an amazing source of knowledge for you and your child. The museum covers a huge period of time from the Bronze Age to the Roman. Another museum that you should visit is the Archaeological Museum of Olynthos which has audiovisual material for its visitors. Finally, an ideal excursion for lovers of tradition is the folklore museum of Afytos. There you and your children can see exhibits about the rural life in the area, as well as the art of pottery.

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