Winter is gone and spring is slowly coming to take its place. The landscapes of Greece are transformed, dressed in spring colours and ready to welcome visitors. The heat is rising, the flowers are blooming and you are surely already thinking about where to go for your spring excursions. In Greece, there are many areas that are really worth visiting during the spring season. Such spring destinations can be found in Macedonia.

Macedonia is the largest geographical region of Greece. It is mainly a mountainous region that includes countless natural beauties, from rivers and picturesque lakes to vast plains and imposing mountains. Pristine forests, impressive caves, spectacular waterfalls and crystal-clear waters make up a dreamlike landscape that captivates.

This article will take you on a journey to spring destinations in Macedonia!

Spring holidays in Grevena

Grevena, with its dense forests and alpine landscapes, is an ideal destination for winter getaways. In spring, however, nature awakens and the region becomes a magical place, full of colours and aromas. Here, you can wander through the picturesque villages, try traditional mushroom recipes, and enjoy hiking or cycling on the paths that criss-cross the forests. Don’t miss a visit to the Valia Calda National Park. At an altitude of 1400 metres and covering an area of 69,000 hectares, the park is a treasure of priceless ecological value. There, you will find a dazzling palette of colours, with rare species of plants and animals. In Grevena, spring is a season full of life and beauty.

Discover the blue Lake Skra

On the northern border of Greece, there are beautiful spring destinations. More specifically, near the town of Kilkis, hides the enchanting Lake Skra, also known as the Blue Lake. A small lake with emerald waters, which looks as if it has sunk into the green landscape. The waterfalls that surround it and the sunlight reflected in its waters create a dreamy scene. The colour of the lake is due to the fossilized organisms on its bottom. The ‘Blue Lake’ is a paradise for nature lovers, offering visitors unique moments of relaxation and peace. If you are looking for an excursion full of beauty and tranquility, Lake Skra awaits you.

Visit the picturesque Litochoro

Litochoro, a picturesque town at the foothills of Mount Olympus, is an ideal spring destination for those seeking the beauty and tranquility of nature. Harmoniously combining mountain and sea, it offers its visitors easy access to beautiful beaches, hiking trails and picturesque villages. The easy access to Litochoro, just 5 km from the highway, combined with its rich tourist infrastructure, make it an ideal base for excursions to Mount Olympus. Hotels, guesthouses, rooms to let, taverns, restaurants and café-bars cover the needs of every visitor. The village is divided into two settlements, the old and the new one, maintaining its traditional character. In the picturesque alleys of Litochoro, you will find houses with authentic Macedonian architecture, cobbled alleys, stone fountains and picturesque squares.


Explore the Axios Delta National Park

The Axios Delta National Park, a unique mosaic of biodiversity, is an oasis of peace and beauty on the western coast of Thermaikos Gulf. Including the Kalochori Lagoon, the French River estuary, the deltas of the Axios and Aliakmonas rivers, the wetlands of Nea Agathoupoli and the wetlands of Aliki Kitros, the Axios Delta offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for a relaxing walk in nature, whether you are a bird watching and photography enthusiast, or simply want to escape from the routine, the Axios Delta is the ideal destination for you. On the park’s trails, you can wander through forests, lakes, marshes and sandy beaches, gazing at the rich flora and fauna. More than 300 species of birds find refuge in the Delta, creating a magnificent spectacle.


In summary, there are many spring destinations in Macedonia. A trip to any of them will reward you with the best experiences. By renting your car from Alpha Drive, you have the flexibility to travel with great ease and safety.

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