Winter has arrived in Greece and the mountains are covered with snow. While Greece is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches and summer holidays, there is also the mountainous side of Greece, which is special, especially as a winter destination. Northern Greece contains beautiful areas for winter excursions or holidays. However, because winter means snow, it is worth noting that there are many areas for visitors to enjoy the snow. The ski resorts in Northern Greece are the best choice for snow activities such as skiing, snowboarding or hiking.

In this article, we will take you to ski resorts in Northern Greece, where you can do activities such as skiing, or enjoy the beautiful scenery in a chalet with the company of food or drinks. From the ski resort of Vasilitsa, to that of Anilios, and from Falakro in Drama to the ski resort of Lailias, get ready to discover Greek ski resorts that promise unforgettable experiences.

Vasilitsa Ski Centre

On the borders of the prefectures of Ioannina and Grevena, is the ski resort of Vasilitsa. The mountain of Vasilitsa is located at an altitude of 1,720 meters and is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Northern Greece. In a magical environment, in the rich nature offered by the Pindos mountain range, the ski resort of Vasilitsa offers 12 ski runs in total, in various difficulty categories, from beginners’ runs to runs that are a real test. You can rent ski equipment, snowboard equipment or snowboards on the premises. In addition, there are 2 chalets where you can enjoy food, coffee or a drink, and for your accommodation, there is a guest house. A special feature of this ski resort is the possibility of night downhill skiing. The slopes are illuminated, creating an amazing scenery, which is combined with the frequent parties organized in the chalets.

Ski resort of Anilios

The ski resort of Anilios, located in the picturesque Metsovo, is the newest of the ski resorts in Northern Greece and in the whole country. At an altitude of 1,850 meters, the Anilios ski centre is easily accessible from the highway Egnatia Odos. On the premises, you will find 13 downhill slopes and 5 lifts, while there is also the possibility of downhill skiing on untracked snow. At this ski resort you can rent ski and snowboard equipment, as well as take lessons at the ski learning school. In addition, next to the slopes, there is a beautiful stone-built chalet, overlooking Metsovo, where you can enjoy the local cuisine and relax in a warm and traditional environment.


Ski resort of Falakro

In Kato Nevrokopi, in Drama, is the ski resort of Falakro, at an altitude of 2,232 metres. It is one of the largest ski resorts in Northern Greece. While the area is rich in vegetation, with towering trees and climatic peculiarities, the mountain on which the Falakro ski resort is located is literally bare of trees. This particular peculiarity makes it stand out and creates a snow-white landscape that visitors love. On the premises you will find 20 pistes of varying degrees of difficulty, 9 lifts and among other things 3 chalets and a guesthouse for overnight stays.


Lailias Ski Resort

A very short distance from Serres, just 26 km away, is the ski resort of Lailias, at an altitude of 1850 meters. This ski resort has only 2 pistes and 3 lifts. It is ideal for those who prefer night descents, which sets it apart from the other ski resorts in Northern Greece. On the premises, there is a chalet with a restaurant, a guesthouse, a shop for renting ski and snowboard equipment, as well as learning schools.

In summary, there are many ski resorts in Northern Greece, capable of pleasing even the most demanding visitor. A visit to one of them will reward you with the best experiences and endless snow activities that will be unforgettable. By renting your car from Alpha Drive, you have the flexibility to move with great ease and carry out your ideal winter adventures.

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