Halkidiki has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, which are a poll of attraction for tourists and locals throughout the summer. But what about those who prefer to enjoy the sea, however they do not like the big crowds! For you we have prepared a list of the best secluded beaches of Halkidiki, which although are not very popular, have exceptional beauty and clear blue waters that will enchant you!


On the east side of Sithonia, you will find a secluded island complex with beautiful beaches known as Kavourotrypes. It is a cluster of coves bordered by a lush pine forest. The waters of the beach have a wonderful turquoise color, while the white sand offers the landscape notes of exotic beauty.In the past, Kavourotrypes were known mainly to the permanent residents of the area, who enjoyed their bath in a quiet and isolated environment. This is the reason why there is no sign indicating the beach on the main road!

Today, Kavourotrypes are known to most people, but they still are a place of peace and serenity for their visitors, as they do not have tourist infrastructure or other human interventions that would influence the unspoiled beauty of the landscape. Kavourotrypes are the ideal destination for those seeking natural beauty and isolation from the outside world! For even more privacy we suggest you visit those beautiful beaches at the beginning of summer!

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Drenia or Gaidouronisia

Undoubtedly, one of the isolated beaches of Halkidiki that will awe you, is Drenia! In contrast to Kavourotrypes, Drenia are a much more organized beach, but without being too crowdy, like other famous beaches of Halkidiki. Drenia, which is also known by the nickname “Gaidouronisia”, is also a cluster of small islands! The isolated beaches that you will find there, are characterized not only by their calm and clear blue waters, but also by the wonderful view they have to Ouranoupoli and Ammouliani.

Arriving in Drenia, you will feel that you are in a distant exotic destination, as the distances between the islands are so short that they give the impression that you are not in the sea, but in a lagoon. You can choose to visit one of the secluded and quiet beaches of the smaller islands if you want to buy coffee or food you will need to visit the larger of the islands. If you are wondering how to get to Drenia, there is no reason to worry as there are frequent scheduled routes that depart from either Ammouliani or Oneiroupoli. Drenia is the ideal destinations for those seeking relaxation and tranquility just a few kilometers away from the city of Thessaloniki.

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Trani Ammouda Beach (Ormos Panagias)

Trani Ammouda or Livrochio beach is located on the northeastern side of Sithonia, between Ormos Panagias and Agios Nikolaos sand it is only a few kilometers from the settlement of Nikiti! Trani Ammouda is one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in Halkidiki! Due to its size it is almost impossible to be crowded when you visit it. Trani Ammouda consists of white sand, which is united with the wonderful turquoise waters of the sea! The romantic landscape is completed with the ruins of an old castle located on the beach. Before Visiting the beach of Trani Ammouda, it would be good to have prepared by bringing beach umbrellas with you, as the sun on the beach is very strong. Although there are beach bars and restaurants along Trani Ammouda, there are also places where your only company will be the sun and the sea, so we suggest you to be properly prepared.

secluded beaches halkidiki- trani ammouda-Alpha DriveGlarokavos Beach

Glarokavos beach is one of the most popular beaches in Halkidiki. This beach is located very close to Pefkochori and despite the fact that it is visited by many tourists and locals, the beach has several secluded spots for those seeking tranquility and privacy. One of them is a small lagoon located at the end of the coast and serves as a small port for boats.

If you choose to visit the lagoon of the beach, you must have purchased in advance, everything you may need, as at that point, the beach is not organized. Glarokavos beach is the ideal choice for families with small children as its waters are clear and quite shallow. It also has soft sand, which is ideal for summer games on the sand!

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In conclusion, Halkidiki is a magical destination, not only for those who are interested in getting to know the cosmopolitan side of it, but also for those who want to enjoy the beautiful deserted beaches without the presence of many people and to explore the unspoiled natural beauty they offer!

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