Rent a Car Thessaloniki Port

With AlphaDrive, you can pick up and/or drop off your rental car directly at the port of Thessaloniki.

Port of Thessaloniki

The port of Thessaloniki is a European port, a natural way out of the economic activity of the countries of the wider region. It serves the ever-increasing needs of these countries for the import and export of raw materials, consumer products and capital equipment. The port is a lever for the growth of the Greek economy, while playing an essential role in the effort of Northern Greece, with Thessaloniki as a center, to establish itself as an economic crossroads in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Why rent a car from the port of Thessaloniki

  1. Avoid the hassle. The long queues in the taxi rank and at the bus stop when you leave the harbor, especially during periods of intense tourist traffic, are a very common phenomenon. By renting a car through AlphaDrive from Thessaloniki Port, you save all this hassle as our employee will wait for you by holding a paper with your name on it, so you can recognize him and pick up the car from the harbor without losing valuable time.
  2. You have complete freedom of movement. Having rented your car directly from the port, you can freely explore and get to know the city of Thessaloniki, move easily to and from your hotel, do not depend on local transport schedules, visit all the enchanting places that Halkidiki has to offer as well as any city of Macedonia you want.
  3. You save money and time. When you are in destinations such as Thessaloniki and Halkidiki that have so much to offer to you, taking advantage of your time as much as possible is very important. At the same time, having rented your car before, you avoid any charges for your transportation that may arise and operate on a budget basis.

Car Rental Booking from the Port of Thessaloniki

You can rent a car from Thessaloniki with AlphaDrive by:

Our rental car rates from Thessaloniki’s Port start from 11€ per day.

AlphaDrive strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore if you wish to pick up and/or deliver your car from a different location AlphaDrive offers: