There is no doubt that anyone who has visited or is planning to visit the enchanting Halkidiki Peninsula has heard of Platanitsi, a captivating destination that excites everyone who sees it! Platanitsi is not a settlement or a picturesque village of Halkidiki. Actually, it is a huge beach with clear blue waters and golden sand. This is where the heart of summer beats for those who want to experience a more carefree side of Halkidiki, but without depriving themselves of all the needed comforts for their vacation!

Where is Platanitsi?

The coast of Platanitsi is located on the eastern side of the Municipality of Sithonia, it is about 150 km from the city of Thessaloniki and only 5 km from the settlement of Sarti. Most of the coast belongs to the Platanitsi municipal camping, which covers an area of ​​90,000 square meters. The entrance to the campsite is also the access point for cars to the coast.

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Camping Platanitsi

Camping Platanitsi is nestled in a green landscape, which consists of a dense and verdant pine forest. The forest merges with the deep blue waters of Toronaios gulf, creating a beautiful palette of colors dominated by the deep blue of the sea and the green of the vegetation. Also, Platanitsi has a beautiful view of the orchard of Panagia and the imposing Mount Athos.

At the campsite you will find a multitude of activities that can enhance your stay there. During the summer, the Municipality organizes cultural events, such as concerts and film screenings in the summer cinema. You can also visit one of the many cafes and restaurants located within the campsite and enjoy your coffee and delicious dishes by the sea.

Facilities at camping Platanitsi

Camping in Platanitsi is a particularly good choice for those looking for an economical but also fully organized camping in Halkidiki. In Platanitsi you can have easy access to a mini market, but also free access to wi-fi. Another very important characteristic of the beach is that it has been awarded with a blue flag, which certifies the purity of its waters. Finally, camping in Platanitsi is an ideal choice for families with small children, as it has shallow waters and experienced lifeguards.

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Activities near Platanitsi

Discover the fantastic destinations you can visit near Platanitsi!

Visit  Sarti

If you decide to visit Platanitsi, you should definitely take a short tour of the small picturesque village of Sarti. In Sarti you will have the opportunity to try delicious local dishes in traditional taverns, but also to have fun in one of the many beach bars of the settlement. Finally, if you find yourself in Sarti on the fifteenth of August, you should not miss the spectacular festival organized in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Visit Kavourotrypes

A short distance from the enchanting Platanitsi you will find the famous Kavourotrypes. Kavourotrypes is a cluster of coves and small islands and remind of some distant exotic destination. For many years this enchanting landscape with its turquoise waters, golden shores and dense pine forest, was a common secret among the local inhabitants of Sithonia. Today it is a pole of attraction for many tourists, who even choose to combine their visit to Kavourotrypes with their stay in the idyllic Platanitsi.

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In conclusion, Platanitsi is one of the magical destinations of Halkidiki that is definitely worth visiting. Especially if you love the combination of sea and lush vegetation.

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