Halkidiki is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece as it has golden sandy beaches, crystal clear seas, endless entertainment options and luxurious hotels. But what about those who want their holidays to have a little more action! In Halkidiki you will find many centers that offer a variety of water sports, to meet every taste and need.

Let’s now see which are the best places for water sports in Halkidiki, as well as the services they offer.

Surf Vourvourou

In one of the most beautiful locations of Halkidiki, Vourvourou, you will find a fully equipped water sports center, Surf Vourvourou. More specifically, Surf Vourvourou is located on a secluded beach which offers its visitors absolute peace and relaxation, far away from the loud music of beach bars. The beach is in a short distance from the cluster of small islands in the Vourvourou bay, the largest of which is Diaporos.

Surf Vourvourou offers a wide range of water sports taught by instructors with many years of experience and awards in the specific sports. These are windsurfing, sailing, catamaran, paddle boarding and pedalo. Another wonderful experience that you could enjoy with your family and friends is snorkeling. Snorkeling includes diving with a special mask that covers the whole face and a snorkel, so that you can admire the unparalleled beauty of the Vourvourou’s seabed.

Finally, Surf Vourvourou, inspired by the natural landscape of the area which combines the wild beauty of the imposing Mount Ittamos with the calm sea of ​​Sithonia, organizes unique cycling excursions. In which, both individual and group routes for all levels are provided, as well as mountain bikes with all the necessary safety equipment.

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Seavery is a certified water sports center and is located on the first peninsula of Halkidiki, in Siviri. The center offers a wide range of water sports such as scuba diving, waterskiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, etc. The Seavery club is a member of PADI, the largest water sports organization that counts over 3,800 centers around the world. As a result, that all the educational programs of the center follow the international standards of PADI.

If you want to experience moments of endless laughter and fun, we definitely recommend you to try tubing. In tubing, a circular inflatable is tied behind a boat at fairly high speed. The aim of this  game is not to fall into the sea from the sharp maneuvers of the boat. No special athletic skills are needed for this activity, just a sense of humor and a need of adventure.

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Sani Water Sports

If you plan to combine water sports in Halkidiki with luxury accommodation, then you could visit the facilities of Sani Resort, on the second peninsula of Halkidiki. There you can try some of the most popular water sports in the world such as windsurfing, catamaran and kayaking. Due to their specialized instructors and excellent equipment, the training programs welcome are suitable for all ages and all levels, even for complete beginners.

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Water Sports Center of Nea Roda

The water sports center operated for 18 years on the beach of the picturesque settlement of Nea Roda. in 2001 it was moved to the beach next to Eagles Palace, five kilometers away from its original location, on the road to Ouranoupoli.

The activities offered by the center can be divided into three categories. In games, sports, and boat rentals. If you are more interested in water sports, we suggest that you attend the windsurf learning program. In it, instructors with many years of experience use methods that completely simplify learning, making it accessible even to children aged 8 and over. In this way, you are given an amazing opportunity to learn to windsurf together with your children.

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Whichever of the above suggestions you choose, it is absolutely certain that water sports in Halkidiki is an unparallel experience that will never forget.

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