The New Thessaloniki Waterfront is probably one of the most popular attractions, for both tourists and residents of the city. A relaxing stroll by the sea of Thermaic Gulf is the ideal way to getaway of the stress of everyday life. The 3.5 km coastal front, in combination with numerous parks, café, courts and playgrounds, constitute a setting of unique aesthetics scenery that has nothing to envy from other European cities!

The History

Let’s take it from scratch! It all began somewhere in 1970 with the back then waterfront form, when the waterfront used to extend to Karabournaki, deviating very much from its current, impressive and upgraded image. In 2008, the first procedures for its redevelopment from the Concert Hall to the Navy Club are underway and were completed in 2012, while the track from the White Tower to the Navy completed in 2013.

The Waterfront Today

Today the New Waterfront is undoubtedly an integral part of Thessaloniki as well as one of its most popular sights. It is offered for a range of activities for every age, which is immediately perceived by the crowd that floods it even in the winter months. One of the city’s favorite and timeless activities is a relaxing stroll by the sea. The characteristic jewel of the New Waterfront is the famous umbrellas of Zongolopoulos. There you can make a stop on your way to admire the beautiful artwork and take pictures.

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If you take care of your form, the waterfront is best suited for fast walking, running or cycling. As for the latter, the structure of the city with the chaotic traffic system is unfortunately not suitable for cycling in the center. The solution to this problem comes from the beach bike path, located from the Concert Hall to the harbor area. On the beach you can find rental bikes for your ride or rent large red bikes with a capacity of many people for a fun, group biking!The afternoons are the perfect time for a romantic stroll overlooking the sunset! You can choose between the horse-drawn carriage or the boats lying at the height of the White Tower which give you the opportunity for an unforgettable stroll along the Thermaikos. Enjoy your coffee or drink in combination with your musical sounds and indulge in this wonderful experience!

The Green Rooms

Part of the redevelopment of the waterfront was the creation of thematic gardens and green areas, which combine perfectly the green color with the deep blue of the Thermaic Sea, thus completing the impressive scenery. At the new waterfront of Thessaloniki there are 13 green rooms, which are: Alexandros’s Garden, Sound Garden, Garden of Music, Garden of Water, Garden of Memory, Mediterranean Garden, Garden of Roses, Garden of Sand, Garden of the Era, Garden of Odysseus Fokas, Afternoon Sun Garden, Garden of Sculptures and Garden of Shia.

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