Naousa is a picturesque town located in the region of northern Greece. It is situated at the foot of Mount Vermio and it is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a popular destination for nature lovers. It impresses with its atmosphere, its rich history and cultural heritage, while it is also known as the city of wine, because of its long tradition in viticulture. At first sight, you will be enchanted by the natural beauty, the picturesque  landscapes and the sound of running water from its rivulets! 

By reading this article, you will discover how to enjoy your time in Naousa with the best possible way, as we have prepared for you a detailed travel guide to all those things that this amazing area can offer you!  

Sights & Activities in Naousa

The Grove of Agios Nikolaos

Starting with the natural beauties of Naousa, it is worth making a layover in the area of Agios Nikolaos, which is a stone’s throw from the city. There you will find a unique sycamore grove, the local artificial lake, as well as the church of Agios Nikolaos. It is considered as one of the most famous attractions of Naousa, due to the forestland, the dense vegetation that covers the area and its river, Arapitsa, which gives a pleasant note with the sounds of the water’s gurgling! In this wetland, you can stroll along the footpaths that wind through the park, take a seat on one of the many benches and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Also, there you will find cafes, restaurants and sports facilities to get in touch with nature, while enjoying local food and delicacies!   

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The Municipal Park of Naousa

The Municipal Park is another lovely green space located in the town of Naousa. This park covers an area of around 11 acres and it is situated in the city center, making it easily accessible to visitors. Also, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling town center. The park features a wide variety of trees, flowers and plants, as well as several footpaths that allow you to explore the area’s natural beauty. One of the main attractions of the Municipal Park is the large pond located at the center of the park. The pond is home to several species of fish and waterfowl. There you can rent paddle boats to explore the pond and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. Moreover, there is a playground for children, a basketball court and several picnic areas where you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a meal! 

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The Historical-Folkloric Museum of Naousa & the Macedonian Tombs

This city gives you the opportunity to admire a part of the rich Macedonian history. Thus, you can visit the Historical-Folkloric Museum of Naousa, which is a historical monument and attraction for many tourists. Housed in a traditional building, it hosts collections from the local tradition, the period of 1821 and the Macedonian Struggle. In addition, the area between the villages of Hariessa, Kopanou and Lefkadio is of great archaeological interest. There are the Macedonian tombs, which are considered to be among the most beautiful and best preserved monuments of ancient Mieza. Additionally, you can see the architectural and rare painting decoration of the Judgment Tomb which dates from the end of the 4th century. e.g. and of the Tomb of Anthemia.  

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The Place of sacrifice of Naousa women in 1822

If you follow the paved walkways that lead to the green banks of the Arapitsa river with its rushing waters and impressive waterfalls, you end up at the place of sacrifice of the Naousa women. This place has great historical value, since in the Holocaust of Naousa, in 1822, many women of the city preferred to fall with their children in Arapitsa river rather than into the hands of the Turks. Nowadays, this place is a memorial site dedicated to these brave women. The site consists of a small chapel built into the side of the cliff, which contains a small museum with exhibits detailing the events of 1822 and the sacrifices made by the women of Naousa. You can also climb up the steep cliffs to the spot where the women jumped, in order to admire the stunning view of the surrounding countryside!  

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The Wine and Vine Museum

For wine lovers, a visit to the Wine and Vine Museum is a must! In this museum you have the opportunity to get to know the history of viticulture and the tradition of wine production in the wider region. There, you can learn about the different grape varieties grown in the region, the techniques used to cultivate and harvest grapes and the various stages of fermentation and aging that give wine its unique flavor. One of the highlights of the museum is its collection of old wine making tools and equipment, including presses, barrels and bottles, which offer a glimpse into the history of winemaking in the region. There are also interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that provide a deeper understanding of the science and art of wine production. Finally, the Wine and Vine Museum in Naousa is also home to a wine tasting room, where you have the chance to sample some of the region’s finest wines. 

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Food & Entertainment in Naousa

Naousa as well as the wider area is famous for its tasty food and variety of wines. Thus, it has many taverns with original and traditional flavors, which cover all tastes and budgets. In this city, you will find many traditional taverns in order to combine your visit not only with comfort and carelessness, but also with delicious food. Therefore, some of the characteristic dishes of Naousa are ‘’manja’’, goblin fish, meatballs with almi, trachanas, petoura and pies, which will tempt you to try them! In addition to its natural beauty and delicious cuisine, it is also home to a vibrant nightlife scene. The town has several bars and clubs that cater to both locals and visitors and there are often live music performances and other traditional events for your entertainment!  

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Excursion to the surrounding areas

Whether you’re interested in nature, history, or culture, there are many exciting nearby excursions that you can take from Naousa to make the most of your trip! If you’re looking for relaxation and rejuvenation, the Aridea Hot Springs are just 30 km away. These natural springs are rich in minerals and have been used for their healing properties since ancient times. Alternatively, you can visit the Edessa Waterfalls, which are the largest in Greece and offer a breathtaking natural sight. The waterfalls cascade down a series of rocks and they are surrounded by lush vegetation, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers. Last but not least, for those interested in history and archaeology, Vergina is a must-see destination that is located about 40 km from Naousa. This important archaeological site was once the capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom and includes the tomb of King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, as well as a museum that houses many important artifacts from the era. 

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With this article, we hope we have given you some very interesting suggestions on what to see and where to go in Naousa, so that you can explore this extraordinary destination, which is ideal for those who are looking for a unique and authentic travel experience in northern Greece! 

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