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Monthly Car Rental Thessaloniki

Rent a car from Alpha Drive for your travels or your company’s needs and take advantage of the low rates starting at from 11 euro per day (for rent of at least 30 days)

The monthly car rental offer includes:

  1. 3.000 kilometres per month. (0.10 cents for every extra kilometre.)
  2. Mixed insurance with the participation of the client with the maximum amount of 350€ + Φ.Π.Α.
  3. Road assistance, and accident care.
  4. Car replacement in case of damage within 24 hours.
  5. Free second driver
  6. Free baby boosters
  7. Free pick up and drop off anywhere you wish in the city

Request quote or call us Tel.:+30 2310447878, Mobile:+30 6944736008

The offer does not apply for July and August unless it is an annual lease.