Meteora is well known to everyone because of the natural beauty of the huge rocks and the monasteries that are built on them. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world visit Meteora to see this breathtaking spectacle of nature, but also to explore the surrounding area through beautiful paths between the rocks. Those, who have seen Meteora only from photos, are stunned when they look closely and approach the rocks.

The infrastructure of the wider area (Kastraki, Kalambaka) is excellent, as they have all-inclusive hotels, hostels and rooms at cheap rates, restaurants and taverns with delicious and quality food and camping. In short, Meteora is able to welcome and accommodate a very large number of tourists and satisfy their individual preferences.

Below, we’ll have a look at places to see and activities to try in Meteora whether it’s a short getaway or a few days’ vacation.

Active Monasteries

μετεωρα-ενεργα-μοναστηρια-alpha-drive-rent-a-carDefinitely, the first thing to do is to visit at least one of the 6 monasteries that still operate. All of them are renovated and possess a significant number of monks. For sure, it is worth taking the time to see at least one monastery, because this way you will discover interesting things and generally how everyday life flows to such a special place. Finally, note that there are other monasteries, which are either renovated but without monks, or completely abandoned.


μετεωρα-καλαμπακα-alpha-drive-rent-a-carKalambaka is the commercial and tourist center of the region. It has many hotels, rooms to let and taverns that will make your stay pleasant and comfortable. Take a stroll through the old town (Spotos), which has been redeveloped and visit the only woodcarving school in Greece and traditional copperworks.

Hiking and rock climbing on Meteora


There is no better way to see Meteora and the huge rocks than hiking. The fact that there are so many paths available makes this activity completely possible. There are plenty of travel agencies in Kalambaka that organize a variety of excursions and activities so that you can choose according to your preferences.

Climbing to Meteora has basically never stopped. The monks used to climb with cords, nets, or even bare hands in order to reach the peak, where the monasteries lie. This has always been a motivation and inspiration for those who love climbing as they want to do the exact same thing. There are many who come and try classic climbing routes, which means long routes without too much protection. These routes are by no means easy and require proper preparation in order for someone to complete them.

The beautiful village of Kastraki

μετεωρα-καστρακι-alpha-drive-rent-a-carKastraki is the most beautiful village in the area, is situated between the rocks and has everything a visitor needs, such as restaurants, small hotels and rooms to let and tourist shops. It has been preserved as a traditional settlement and is only 2 km from Kalambaka, which transforms the village into a magnificent traditional destination and a wonderful opportunity to wander the narrow alleys overlooking the Meteora rocks.

Theopetra Cave


Theopetra is located 4 kilometers from Meteora and is a huge rock, which stands out for its huge mass. There, you will definitely find many climbers who go to the climbing field, but also more to Theopetra Cave, where there are the famous human footprints dating back 130,000 years.

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