You are tired of the daily routine of the city and you are looking for a way to relax, without having to make time-consuming and tedious trips! Vacationing by car near Thessaloniki is a way to make a quick and enjoyable excursion, without having to walk far from your home. A quick break to travel by car to a beautiful destination, will offer you not only a magical stay, but also a fascinating route as the landscapes of Northern Greece are famous for their special beauty, with trees such as birches and plane trees. For those who love driving, vacation by car near Thessaloniki , is  an experience that you will definitely enjoy. Continue reading the article and you will find wonderful destinations which you can reach through beautiful road routes.

Take a short walk to Goumenissa

Goumenissa is one of the most beautiful locations in the prefecture of Kilkis, Goumenissa is built at the foot of the enchanting Paiko at a distance of 75 km from Thessaloniki. The route until you reach it is quite pleasant with beautiful landscapes along the road. When you arrive in Goumenissa you will be dazzled by the natural beauty of the area, which has lush vegetation due to its proximity to the river Skra. In Goumenissa you will also find magnificent Vineyards, as the vine of the area favors their development. This also led to the creation of local wineries from which you can buy a bottle of the fantastic local wine produced there. Finally, for lovers of architecture, in Goumenissa there are many traditional buildings which are examples of the Macedonian architectural style.

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Explore Mount Paggaio

Paggaio, which is known to many as Chrysoforo Mount, is a beautiful mountain northwest of the prefecture of Kavala. Paggaio is 135 km from the city of Thessaloniki by car and is one of the most popular destinations for car holidays near Thessaloniki. You will reach Mount Pagaga via the Ionian Road leading a beautiful route. Arriving at the slopes of Mount Paggaio, you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful forests with beeches, firs, chestnuts and plane trees. The mountain is famous for its pure springs, from which gurgling water gushes, while in antiquity it was a place where ceremonies in honor of the god Dionysus were happening.

Arriving in Paggaio, winter sports lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit the famous ski resort which is located at the top of the mountain, while for those who love good food, we suggest visiting one of the restaurants located in the forest village of Paggaio and try delicious traditional dishes, served in a welcoming environment.

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Take a trip to the prefecture of Pieria

Pieria is a beautiful prefecture of Macedonia, which combines mountain and sea landscapes. Even if you plan to visit it during the winter months, the mountain landscapes of Pieria in combination with its crystal clear Sea, will for sure fascinate both your eyes and your soul, during your trip.

Indicatively, we suggest you visit the beautiful picturesque settlement of Litochoro, which is located at the foot of Mount Olympus and is a beautiful and picturesque destination, near Thessaloniki for the cold winter months. Litochoro is a fully developed tourist area, which means that there you will find all the possible amenities you can look for, in terms of your stay. Litochoro is also an ideal destination for those who love mountaineering routes, as there are many organized mountaineering excursions on Mount Olympus.

For lovers of easy walking routes, a great choice would be an excursion to the verdant Pieria mountains and more specifically to the settlement of Milia, where you will find the famous path of love. The path starts from Ano Milia and passes through the forests located around the village. The route is very easily accessible, while beeches, chestnuts and firs will accompany you during your walk. After your walk you can relax drinking some coffee or tsipouro in the shelter of the area overlooking the plain of Pieria and the Thermaic Gulf, enjoying moments of relaxation.

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Whichever of the above destinations you choose as vacation by car near Thessaloniki, it is most certain that you will have a wonderful time not only reaching the destination of your choice, but also traveling to it, as you will admire the seductive beauty of North Greece. Alpha Drive is always standing by to fully cover your car rental needs in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki, in order to ensure beautiful and comfortable road trips to your dream destinations.

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