Ladadika is one of the districts in Thessaloniki that definitely stands out for its historical significance and authenticity. It could be said that it is a unique link between the past and the contemporary image of the city. The area is separated from Tsimiski Street in Ano and Kato Ladadika, with Kato Ladadika being delimited by the Tsimiski, Dragoumi, Kountourioti and Salaminos streets. Accordingly, the Ano Ladadika is defined by the streets of Tsimiski, Leo Sofou, Franks, Dodecanese, Vasileos Heraklion and Veria.

The History

During the Ottoman domination, Ladadika (or Egyptian market as they are also known) hosted oil traders and their shops, which mainly sold olive oil and oil products. This is the origin of the name Ladadika. Ladadika has been one of the most important markets until 1917 with the great fire in the city being the starting point of their decline. Since 1985 Ladadika has been a protected area of ​​cultural value by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, maintaining the old architecture of their buildings unchanged

Ladadika Today

Today Ladadika is a district synonymous with entertainment. The colorful preserved neoclassic and stone paths have become an ideal retreat for café , bars, clubs, taverns, beer shops, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of leisure shops that have given new impetus to the nightlife of the city. The old glamor of the area is easily perceived by taking the visitor to another Thessaloniki, more nostalgic but at the same time charming.

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Besides the Thessalonians themselves and the tourists, Ladadika is also a favorite habit of the students of the city as in the area one can find some of the best student hangouts. The fact that the area is only suitable for pedestrians has contributed significantly to its tourist development as it is the ideal place for a relaxing walk throughout the day.

Reasons to Visit

Beautiful atmosphere, impressive architecture, mood for fun and a wide variety of different proposals to choose from are just some of the reasons that make the area an ideal destination for entertainment. A walk at Ladadika is enough to immediately win those who have the pleasure of visiting them.

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