Undoubtedly, Thessaloniki is a city with a timeless charm both to its permanent residents and to those who visit it either for vacation or work. Whatever led someone to visit Thessaloniki, it is very likely that they will choose one of the hotels in the center of Thessaloniki as their place of residence. This is due to the fact that the heart of Thessaloniki beats in the busy city center!

There, you will find the most famous neighborhoods of the city, which are interwoven with fun and good food. The most known among them are Ladadika and the Bit Bazar. Moreover, taking a walk in the center of Thessaloniki you will discover some sights of enormous historical value such as the Roman Agora, the Arch and the White Tower! In this article, we have prepared for you, various accommodation options in the center of Thessaloniki, so you can choose the one that will meet your individual needs!

Electra Palace

Electra Palace is located right where the heart of Thessaloniki beats, in Aristotelous Square! The hotel first opened its gates 50 years ago and since then has been a landmark for those who have visited or want to visit Thessaloniki. Electra Palace provides a variety of accommodation options, from suites to rooms, with luxury décor with all the necessary amenities! You also have the opportunity to enjoy a romantic business or family dinner, overlooking Thermaikos Gulf and gazing at the beautiful Aristotelous Square which exudes an intense Byzantine aesthetic.Best hotels in the center of thessaloniki-Electra Palace-Alpha Drive

Excelsior Hotel

Excelsior is located in one of the most historic districts of Thessaloniki, the Modiano market and is one of the most elegant hotel options in the center of Thessaloniki. Staying at the Excelsior it is almost certain that you will be enchanted by the retro charm of the hotel facade with the wonderful balconies of French design , but also by the ultra-modern decoration of its rooms. For an unforgettable dinner, we suggest you choose Clochard, which is located on the ground floor of Excelsior and is a great choice for those who love recipes, which contain both modern and traditional elements.

Macedonia Pallas

Macedonia Palace is located on the east side of the center of Thessaloniki on M.Alexandrou Avenue, while it is just a few steps from the famous waterfront of Thessaloniki, which is a favorite destination for locals and tourists, who want to take a walk. Macedonia Palace is one of the best hotels in the center of Thessaloniki, as it offers its guests a holistic experience of accommodation and entertainment. Staying at Macedonia Palace, you will not only enjoy staying in state-of-the-art luxury rooms with amenities such as a private balcony and seating area, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Hammam experience in the hotel bathrooms. In addition, you will be able to take part in the hotel’s sightseeing tours.

Best hotels in the center of thessaloniki-Macedonia Pallas-Alpha Drive
Antigone Urban Chick Hotel

Antigone Urban Chick Hotel is located in one of the most strategic places in the center of Thessaloniki, Antigonidon Square. Antigone Urban Chick is one of the best hotels in the center of Thessaloniki, especially for those who love luxury in combination with the simple and elegant decoration and classic architecture! In the reception of the hotel but also in the interior of its rooms, marble is dominant and gives a classic aesthetic to the room. The Antigone Hotel also has a meeting room, which is fully equipped with all the necessary audiovisual facilities for a business meeting. Therefore, it is an ideal choice of accommodation if you have visited Thessaloniki for business reasons.

Best hotels in the center of thessaloniki-antigone urban chick hotel-Alpha Drive

Mediterranean Palace

Mediterranean Palace is also a hotel in the center of Thessaloniki which is located in Aristotelous Square! It has luxurious rooms and 7 suites, all elegantly decorated and equipped with all the comforts that one could imagine being offered in a luxurious hotel. Having a fantastic view of Thermaikos Gulf is an ideal choice for those who want to admire the beauty of the city, while they are close to key points of interest in its center! Mediterranean Palace, in addition to excellent accommodation options, also has fully equipped event halls capable of hosting large formal events and conferences, as it provides the option of decoration and complete audiovisual equipment!

Best hotels in the center of thessaloniki-Mediterranean Palace-Alpha Drive

In this article we tried to give you accommodation options fitting all tastes and all needs. Whichever you choose, from the hotels in the center of Thessaloniki, it is absolutely certain that it will meet any needs you may have for a comfortable stay! If you want to ensure an equally comfortable transportation, choose to rent the car of your choice by selecting from the wide range of vehicles offered by Alpha Drive!


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