Lake Vegoritida or Lake Ostrovou is the third largest lake in Greece and administratively belongs to the prefectures of Florina and Pella. The lake is located at an altitude of 540 m and its depth reaches 70 m. Vegoritida is surrounded by the mountains Vermio and Voras and is one of the most important wetlands in Northern Greece. The rich fauna and flora of Vegoritida, is why the lake is a center around which settlements have accumulated since antiquity. Today, Lake Vegoritida, despite the fact that it has undergone many human interventions, is still a source of life for the area and an important tourist attraction, as anyone who visits it has endless reasons to be enchanted. In this article you will discover just a few of the reasons that make Vegoritida lake a great destination for those who love adventure and nature.

A few words about the history of the Lake

If we want to explore the history of Lake Vegoritida we have to travel thousands of years back in time, as in prehistoric times it was part of the largest lake Eordea, which occupied a huge area of ​​1,000,000 acres. Signs of human activity seem to have existed around the lake since the middle of the 7th millennium BC. While the Bronze Age (3,100-1,100 BC). The human presence was very strong around Vegoritida. Proof of this fact is a number of findings, which have been discovered after excavations. The findings are tools made of bones, stone and bronze. Also the jewelry found, proves the artistic perception that already existed at that time.

This period of prosperity ended abruptly after a fire destroyed that early civilization in the region. However, the human settlements continued to exist in Lake Vegoritida during the Iron Age, evidence indicating that, is found in the Ancient Necropolis near the settlement of Agios Panteleimon, while there is strong proof based on modern research proving the existence of another ancient settlement, under the modern settlement of Agios Panteleimon.

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Lake Vegoritida as an Ecosystem

Lake Vegoritida is an ecosystem of unique value for the area, which will leave breathless any nature lover who would have the opportunity to admire it. The lake is a natural refuge for many animals and 162 species of birds. Among them are the Silver Pelican and the Heron. It is also a habitat where migratory birds immigrate during the Winter. Finally, mammals such as wild boar, fox, badger and weasel are not missing from the area.

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Activities on Lake Vegoritida

The activities that one can do if one visits Lake Vegoritida, are many especially if one loves sports and natural landscapes. Initially, we suggest that you try to do some cycling on the lake, as the level of cycling difficulty of the ground on its shores is moderate, without many altitudinal changes. If you still do not like cycling, you can choose hiking, as there are many organized mountaineering routes near the lake of varying difficulty. Finally, we unreservedly suggest that you take a good camera with you, in order to capture the beauty of Lake Vegoritida in all its glory. The best camera option you could take with you is an action camera, so you can capture a hassle-free video from your lake tour.

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Lakeside settlements of Lake Vegoritida

Around Lake Vegoritida there are many beautiful and picturesque settlements, which can be excellent starting points for those who want to visit. Regarding the part of the lake located in the Municipality of Edessa, you will find the villages of Arnissa, Perea and Agios Athanasios while in the part belonging to the Municipality of Amyntaio you will find the villages of Agios Panteleimonas, Vegora and Faragi as well as the town of Amyntaio.

If you want to explore the area of ​​Lake Vegoritida, we suggest you stay in one of the very beautiful traditional hostels that these villages have. Also, you should not miss the opportunity to try the local specialties in one of the picturesque taverns of the area. The dishes you will find there are mainly braised and spit-roasted meats, which combine wonderfully with a glass of local wine.

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