Thessaloniki is a cosmopolitan city, enchanting anyone who visits it with its many sides! The different cultural influences that you will encounter in Thessaloniki result from the long history of the city that reaches 2,300 years! Visiting the city for the first time you may feel that you do not know how to organize your program, as Thessaloniki offers endless options to its visitors. So, if you feel overwhelmed by the city and the endless options it provides you with, all you have to do is to read our article and learn everything a tourist in Thessaloniki needs to know!

Discover the most famous sights of Thessaloniki

The city has infinite attractions which are located in almost every corner of it! But what are the sights that a tourist should visit first in Thessaloniki? Your tour should start from the famous White Tower, which is the prevalent landmark of the city. Although the White Tower has been used in the past as a fortress, prison and observatory, today it hosts some very interesting exhibitions, which present the past of the city using audiovisual material!

Next stop on your tour should be the Arch of Galerius or “Kamara”! Kamara is one of the oldest and most important monuments of Thessaloniki, as it dates back to 306 AD, when it was built to honor the final victory of Emperor Galerius against the Persians! To be more specific, the representations on this imposing historical monument narrate the most important war events that took place during the long war campaign against Narsis, King of the Persians!

Finally, a tourist in Thessaloniki should definitely visit the Byzantine walls of the city which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites! The Byzantine walls are 10-12 meters high and their length reaches 4km, while in Byzantine times it reached 8km, as their purpose was to offer the best possible fortification to the city of Thessaloniki! Today, the walls are an attraction for visitors to the city, but also for the locals, as they offer a fantastic panoramic view of the entire city!

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Visit the best places to eat in Thessaloniki

Start your breakfast with a delicious breakfast at the “Canteen” overlooking the waterfront of Thessaloniki. Although Canteen serves delicious meals throughout the day, it’s famous for its delicious breakfast options. Canteen is also the first restaurant to introduce the concept of brunch in Thessaloniki!

One of the most famous restaurants in Thessaloniki operating for over than four decades, is Clochard! This chick restaurant on Komninon Street, in the center of Thessaloniki is the ideal choice for those who want to combine excellent food with an environment of high aesthetics. Clochard dishes are largely based on urban Greek cuisine and have also French influences!

Finally, for dinner we would suggest that you choose one of the small traditional taverns located in Athonos.There you will have the opportunity not only to try some traditional dishes of exceptional taste, but to experience the enchanting atmosphere of carelessness that Thessaloniki offers, as many of the local restaurants offer live sessions with folk and traditional Greek music!

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The best places to stay in Thessaloniki

 It would be rather generic to make you some very specific suggestions for where you should stay in Thessaloniki, as this depends heavily on what your requirements and needs are for your stay.

If you want to be located in the center of Thessaloniki, where the heart of the city beats, there are a variety of options that could meet your needs, such as the historic Electra Palace on the Aristotelous Square or Antigon Urban Chic Hotel, located on Antigonidon Street.

However, if you want to stay in a quieter area of ​​the city, without discounting the quality of your stay, we suggest you choose the Lazart Hotel which is located near the old monastery of Lazaristes, on the west side of Thessaloniki, about 15 minutes away from the city center by car!

Finally, if you do not want to stay in the hotel and prefer a simpler and more intimate environment for your stay, you can find many houses and apartments in the city, through short-term rental platforms!

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By reading this article, you have all the information that a tourist needs in Thessaloniki, so that you can make the most of your time in the city by discovering some of its most beautiful corners.

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