Platamonas is a magnificent settlement, nestled at the foot of the impressive Olympus, the highest mountain in the country, whose peak reaches 2,917 meters! According to some, the name of the settlement comes from its wide sandy beaches, while others claim that the name of the area has to do with its vegetation, as it is full of impressive plane trees! Regardless of how the name Platamonas was originated, there is no doubt  that it is a seductive tourist destination between two of the largest urban centers in the country, as it is only 49 km away from Larissa and 106 km away from Thessaloniki! In this article you will discover the reasons why Platamonas is the ideal escape from the fast pace of the city!

Places to visit in Platamonas

Undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind about Platamonas, is its imposing castle. The castle is built on the site of Ancient Heraklion, which is one of the first cities of Ancient Macedonia. The castle was built during the Frank occupation period between 1204 and 1222. The reason why this site was chosen for the construction of this impressive fortress is its great strategic importance, as on the one hand it is an excellent natural observatory and on the other it is located in the middle of the shortest road that connects Macedonia with Thessaly!

Today, the fortress of Platamonas is one of the most well-preserved castles in Greece, and a reminder of the Byzantine past of the area. The entrance to the Castle is free for anyone who wants to enjoy its impressive architecture as well as its magnificent view of the Thermaikos bay and the Aegean Sea.

Furthermore, if you are in Platamonas it is not to visit the enchanting sandy beaches of the settlement. Even if the temperature is low to take a swim in the sea, it is certain that a walk on the beaches of Platamonas will excite you because of the beauty of the landscape created by golden sand and the vastness of the Aegean! If you choose to visit Platamonas when the temperature is high, it is sure you are going to enjoy your swim in its crystal clear waters. The beach of Platamonas is excellently organized so along with your swim, you can enjoy a drink of your choice or even a quick meal.

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Places to stay in Platamonas

Regarding your stay, Platamonas offers a wide range of options! If you are interested in complete autonomy and privacy during your stay, you can choose to rent an apartment. If you still want to enjoy a stay full of amenities you can choose one of the luxury hotels of Platamonas, which have amenities such as swimming pools, spas, and gyms!

Regarding the architecture of the hotels in Platamonas, you can find stone-built guesthouses influenced by tradition, but also modern, newly built hotels!

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Destinations near Platamonas Pieria

Although Platamonas is the most famous landmark in the wider area of ​​Pieria, the settlements that surround it do not lag behind in terms of their natural beauty, but also the activities they offer.

 At a distance of just 3 km from the settlement of Platamonas, you will meet the enchanting village of Neoi Poroi! Neoi Poroi is a small village, which is located at the southern tip of Pieria! Characteristic of New Resources is their excellent rhymotomy, which will pleasantly surprise anyone who visits it!

Another settlement that is definitely worth visiting if you are in Platamonas is Paleos Panteleimonas! Paleos Panteleimonas is a magical place that seems to be frozen in time! Its picturesque stone buildings in combination with its hospitality, make it a fantastic destination for those who want to make a trip to Platamonas and the villages nearby!

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Platamonas is a magical destination for those who love nature, history, but also architecture, just one hour and ten minutes away from Thessaloniki.

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