Horses are wonderful animals, proud, smart and very friendly to humans. Not far from the center of Thessaloniki you can find the equestrian club of Northern Greece, which is the first equestrian club created in Northern Greece. The equestrian club was founded in 1966. Its initial facilities were located in the Kodra camp, while later the club was transferred to the area of ​​the Nea Krini, where it is still located today. The equestrian club of Northern Greece was the vision of people who had a passion for horse riding. Despite the fact that at the time the club started operating, the horse was already an obsolete means of transportation, they recognized the need to boost the relationship between man and this haughty animal, which was much more than a transportation relationship.

History of the Equestrian Club of Northern Greece

In 1966 some army officers, who were nostalgic of riding since the time when horses were the main means of transport for public officers but also for ordinary citizens, have the idea to establish the first equestrian club in the region of Northern Greece. The equestrian club of Northern Greece started operating with minimal facilities in the Kodra camp, while in 1982 it was transferred to a new larger area in Nea Krini, which over the years was transformed into the wonderful natural landscape we know today.

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Benefits of Horseback Riding

One of the basic principles of equestrianism is the need of respect for the horse. The relationship between rider and horse must be equal and reciprocal, so that the animal can trust the person riding it. In this way, the rider acquires a new relationship of understanding with nature. Also, riding is an ideal type of exercise for young and old as well, as it trains the torso and at the same time all the muscle groups, that are necessary for our balance on the horse. Finally, riding has tremendous benefits for our cardiovascular function.

Of course, all this requires the provision of the appropriate equipment and guidance of an experienced trainer, especially if you are a beginner. For this reason, the equestrian club of Northern Greece has specially trained staff who are ready to help you every step of the way or to be clearer at every gallop.

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Activities at the Equestrian Club of Northern Greece

The equestrian club of Northern Greece operates throughout the year for sports and amateur activities. The horses have the opportunity to exercise safely on the club premises, as there is a special grass track for them in the paddock, which contributes to the good emotional and physical condition of the animals. For anyone who wants to ride horses there are many different course options, depending on your level, but also depending on your time. So, you can choose monthly or individual courses. Even if you do not want to learn horseback riding, you can choose to take a fifteen-minute ride on horseback, under the close supervision of a trainer.

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Activities near the Equestrian Club of Northern Greece

After your wonderful experience with the horses in the equestrian club of Northern Greece, you can continue your day with some visits to other interesting places in Eastern Thessaloniki. First you can visit the marina of Thessaloniki. The marina has 242 berths and overlooks the Thermaic Gulf. The marina is an ideal choice for a family walk, as it has a wonderful view of the Sea and it is also surrounded by green parks.

You could also visit the beautiful park of Ulf Palme in Nea Krini, which is an oasis of natural beauty  for the area. In the park you will find a natural playground with gentle hills that can be easily climbed by children, also in Ulf Palme Park you can find an open basketball court as well as a large amphitheater. Finally, the park has picturesque benches surrounded by lush grass and aromatic herbs. Ulf Palme Park is a great choice for a walk after a visit to the Equestrian Club of Thessaloniki, as well as this is a place that brings people closer to nature.

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In conclusion, it is absolutely certain that a visit to the equestrian club of Northern Greece will bring you closer to nature and will make you get to know the horse better, a proud, beautiful and haughty animal. After your visit to the Equestrian Club of Northern Greece, you can complete your excursion to Eastern Thessaloniki by making a quick stop in other beautiful corners of Nea Krini.

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