Edessa is a city that is definitely worth a visit at some point for many and different reasons. The most prominent of these are the waterfalls known to us all, the countless canals that cross the city, the small and picturesque bridges and the lush parks.

Edessa is one of the few cities in Greece that are blessed to be endowed with so many natural beauties. Built on the foot of Mount Vermio, with spectacular views of the valley, with plenty of water and lush vegetation, but also with a great historical heritage, it is ideal for an excursion that will help you get away from everyday life and routine.

Stroll through the city


The forests that descend from the mountain and end in the city, the rivers that cross almost every neighborhood and the famous waterfalls compose a wonderful setting that allows for many beautiful walks. In the center, there is the city’s registered trademark, the big watch, which was built around 1900.

One of the most beautiful parts of the city is the traditional Varosi district, which has been protected since 1983 by special law. There, you will find imposing old houses and mansions of Macedonian architecture, stroll through the narrow and picturesque streets and visit the interesting churches that exist. Basically, these are what has been left of old Edessa after it was set on fire in 1944. Also, in Varosi there is the Folklore Museum of the city, which features an exhibition that travels visitors to everyday life in the area from the previous century until the 1950s.

At the edge of the picturesque Varosi district lies the “Psilos Vrahos” area with spectacular views of the valley. From there, you can see both the slopes of Vermio and the surrounding villages.

There are many pedestrian streets in the city center where you can stroll, shop and have your coffee or enjoy a meal. All these next to the green of the parks and the waters of the small rivers. In addition, it is worth visiting the Yeni Tzami, which was built in 1904 and once operated as a museum with archaeological exhibitions. It is the only mosque to be preserved without any damage, as the remaining Turkish mosques have either been destroyed or converted. Note that it is influenced by Byzantine architecture and in particular by the church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

At the exit of the city to Florina lies the old Byzantine Kioupri Bridge with yet another beautiful park that is a must for a beautiful stroll. Following the flow of the river, you end up in the center of the city.

The famous waterfalls


Edessa is famous for its waterfalls formed by the river Edessaios or Bodas, which flows through the city. Edessa’s waterfalls are the largest in Greece and were once 6, but today there are 2 large and some smaller ones. Most of the views taken by the large Karanos waterfall with water falling from a height of about 70 meters.

The waterfalls are surrounded by a lush park, which due to the landscaping has several levels. You can go behind the waterfall to watch the water drop right in front of you with spectacular views. At the penultimate level of the park there is a small cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

In addition, if you follow the cobblestone road from the waterfall park, you will reach the Water Museum, also known as the Myloi area, where you will learn the whole watery history of Edessa. Among other things, there you will find restored industrial buildings, watermills, canals with water, as well as machines that testify to the city’s aquatic history. The first aquarium of endemic freshwater fish in Greece has been operating in the city’s Water Museum since 2001.

Finally, there is a path that leads to the Kannavourgeio of Edessa, an old factory that now functions as a restaurant-cafe. The factory operated from 1913 to 1967 and was the first factory in Greece to make twine from Indian hemp.

Time for action


Edessa, besides its many beautiful landscapes, is also an ideal destination for those who love adrenaline, as it offers many activities such as paragliding, horseback riding, hiking, cycling and many more.

The Voras-Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort is close to Edessa, as it is just 45 km far away. There, you can practice your skiing and snowboarding skills and enjoy a hot drink in the chalet.

Nearby, are the Loutra Pozar (35 km from Edessa), which is a must for spa treatment. The heated, warm waters that flow into the outdoor natural pools have therapeutic qualities and attract a large number of visitors throughout the year.

Finally, those who prefer fishing, swimming or boating can visit Lake Vegoritida.

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