Olympiada Halkidiki is one of the most beautiful destinations of the peninsula although its unparalleled natural beauty is not widely known, making it an amazing choice for those looking for a summer destination that will offer them unique moments during their vacation. Olympiada is a true paradise on the north-eastern part of Halkidiki and is only an hour’s drive from the city of Thessaloniki, so it is also an ideal option for those looking for a short escape close to the city. Let’s see what makes Olympiada so special.

The history of the Olympiada

The Settlement of Olympiada was created in 1923, by refugees from Asia Minor, on the site of a small agricultural settlement with ramshackle houses and huts. Then the local inhabitants of the settlement moved to Stagira, which is only 700 meters away from Olympiada. This specific settlement has a huge historical significance as it was the location of Ancient Stagira, a small seaside town, which flourished during antiquity and was actually the birthplace of one of the most important Greek philosophers, Aristotle.

The most popular version of history wants the settlement to be named after  Olympiada, mother of Alexander the Great, who was exiled to this location by King Cassander. The rich history of the area is also the reason why since 1990 several excavations have been carried out in it, under the supervision of the Municipality of Olympiada.

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Places to eat in Olympiada Halkidiki

With Fishing being one of the main occupations of the residents of Olympiada, it is no coincidence that here you will find amazing taverns, which serve fresh and delicious fish and seafood. One of the most popular options for seafood in Olympiada is the fish tavern Akrogiali. Operating since 1924, the culinary paths followed by Akrogiali are inspired by Asia Minor. Another excellent tavern for food is that of Kapetan Manolis, which for 27 years has been offering delicious dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to Greek and foreign tourists. One of its most famous seafood dishes that you must try are the mussels. After all, mussels of Olympiada are famous both for their quality and their taste.

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Places to stay in Olympiada Halkidiki

In Olympiada Halkidiki you will find many accommodation options, which can meet your every need whether you want to visit it alone or with your family. A very good and comfortable accommodation option is the small picturesque hotel “Kalokairino”. Especially if you have young children, it is absolutely certain that they will go crazy with the hotel’s beautiful green garden. Moreover, there are many airbnb apartments, for those who wish to ensure privacy, absolute tranquility and complete autonomy during their vacation.

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Activities in Olympiada

Olympiada is a destination that bursts with life and offers many activities to its visitors, making them unable to get enough of this little verdant paradise, nestled in the Strymonikos gulf. History lovers can enjoy a tour of the Archaeological site of Stagira and see the birthplace of the ancient Philosopher Aristotle. Furthermore,  if you love walks in nature, we recommend that you definitely visit the grove of Aristotle. Aristotle’s Grove is the only theme park in Halkidiki and hosts several original interactive instruments such as the compass, the telescope and the sundial.

Finally, a landscape of incomparable natural beauty that you absolutely must visit are the waterfalls of Agia Varvara. The waterfalls are hidden in a lush forest of sorrel and linden trees between the settlements of Olympiada and Varvara. This particular area belongs to the Natura 2000 network, a fact that confirms its natural beauty.

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By reading this article we hope you got an idea of ​​the wonderful experiences that the enchanting destination of Olympiada Halkidiki can offer you if you choose to visit it.

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