Oneiroupoli, Drama is the ideal excursion for children on Christmas days, being just an hour and a half drive from Thessaloniki. There you will have the opportunity to wander in a magical setting full of colors, elves and candies. Oneiroupoli is an event organized by the Municipality of Drama, in order to depict the village of Santa Claus, as it has been captured in the imagination of the children and the adults as well.The Municipality of Drama started hosting the events of Oneiroupolis in the in 2003 and now they have ended up attracting visitors from all over the country on Christmas days. Oneiroupoli usually remains open for a one month period starting from  the beginning of Decemberand it is  an important tourist attraction for the commercial and cultural events of the city.

The course of events includes a number of activities, such as concerts, dance and theatrical performances, games and other informative and entertaining programs. Oneiroupoli is an open house event, while souvenirs can be bought from the flea-market that is set up in the square throughout the festive season. Reading this article, you will discover the places that you should definitely visit with your children, in order to make some unforgettable Christmas memories from the village of Santa Claus.

The House of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the main protagonists of Christmas. Thus, his house by the lake could only be the heart of Oneiroupoli. Visiting the house of Santa Claus, you will have the opportunity to meet the beloved Christmas Santa, to confide in him your wishes for the year to come and to take souvenir photos with him, next to his always lit fireplace. In case you want to post your wishes to Santa Claus, you can always send a letter to him, visiting the post office of Oneiroupoli, which is runned by the elves.

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The Forest of Wishes and Hope

Christmas is a holiday interwoven with the feelings of love and hope. That’s why, during your visit to Oneiroupoli, Drama, you should definitely, dig into the “Forest of Wishes and Hope”.  Wandering in the forest will open your eyes to a fantastic world full of optimism. The task of the magical creatures living there is to fill the forest with love and optimism, helping its visitors to hang their wishes from the branches of the trees.

The beautiful picturesque wooden house that you will find in the forest, will pleasantly surprise you with its warm and welcoming interior.There, you will find a huge fairy bag, where you can put some of your beautiful thoughts. If you like selfies, inside the house there is a specially designed corner for those who want to capture their memories in this enchanting Christmas setting. Finally, following the spirit of Christmas, you can donate clothes, toys and food for those who need them, visiting the mushroom house of love.

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Activities for Children in Oneiroupoli, Drama

One of the main attractions of Oneiroupoli that drives children crazy are the candies and the marshmallows that are everywhere in the small village. Delicious delicacies such as lollipops, cookies and melted chocolate await you at the candy and caramel factory. There you will also have the opportunity to make homemade caramel with your children. Next, we recommend that you visit the house of face painting, so that you will have the opportunity to paint your face with caramel along with your little ones.

Childhood is intertwined with the world of fairy tales. So, it is only logical that  fairy tales could not be missing from Oneiroupoli. Throughout the Christmas events of Oneiroupoli, the fairytale house is open for those young and old who love fairy tales. In addition, children’s films are screened under the supervision of the Drama Short Film Festival, further boosting the artistic dimension of the events.

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Places to stay near Oneiroupoli Drama

A visit to Oneiroupoli Drama is definitely an experience that acquires  more than one day to live it to its fullest. So we suggest you stay in the city of Drama for a few days. Drama has a wide range of accommodation options, so you can enjoy Oneiroupoli, as many days as needed. If you have a large family we suggest you rent a comfortable Airbnb with plenty of space. For a smaller family, it would be best to rent a room in  one of the main hotels of the city, so you can be close to Oneiroupoli at any time you find convenient.

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