In Northern Greece there are so many beautiful sites waiting to be discovered. Thessaloniki, due to its excellent geographical location, is ideal for excursions to the surrounding areas and can easily be the starting point for many beautiful day trips to destinations that will certainly not disappoint you. Destinations ranging from beautiful cities and villages to well-known cultural treasures and activities in nature.

So here’s a look at 4 great destinations that are perfect for day trips to Thessaloniki:

Mount Olympus

This particular list could not help but begin with the imposing and the highest by far mountain in Greece (the peak called Mytikas is at an altitude of 2,918m). Mount Olympus is well-known worldwide, as according to Greek mythology, it is the home of the 12 ancient Gods. Amazing nature trails and paths, lodges for food and rest and rare fauna and flora are just some of the things that await you to experience in Mount Olympus. For your convenience, it is preferable to start your adventure from the picturesque village of Litochoro and then visit the Prionia lodge, where you will be mesmerized by the view.



Where Vergina is located today was once the first city of the Macedonians and the center of their great kingdom called Aigai. This is the place where Alexander the Great lived and was proclaimed king and embarked on the expedition to change the fate of the ancient world.

You will find the archaeological site with the Museum of the Royal Tombs, which is an extremely impressive underground structure that looks like an earthen tomb. Undoubtedly, it is worth a visit to this particular destination, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



The city of Kavala has been the crossroad of large land and sea routes for thousands of years, through which people, goods, ideas and even whole cultures have been transported.

In addition to the enormous commercial and economic importance of its geographical location, Kavala is also known for its endless beauty. After all, it has the ability to “blend” the modern and traditional elements, which you will easily find as there is a beautiful port area with innumerable dining and coffee options and the imposing old town at the same time.

In particular, it is definitely worth taking the time to see the tall arches, the old walls and the archaeological museum, which, because of their location, offer a spectacular view as the view of the Aegean Sea is more than fantastic!

Edessa Waterfalls


The famous waterfall in Edessa, or Karanos, is considered to be the most impressive waterfall in Greece, as it falls from a height of 70m. This is why Edessa has the nickname “the city of waters”.

In addition, the Waterfall Geopark of the area extends to more than 100,000sq.m and features cultural, lush nature and leisure areas, as there is the potential for many activities. Finally, please note that at nights the waterfalls are lit up and the result is amazing as the view is even better compared to the day time!

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