The city of Thessaloniki, although it offers a variety of activities, theatre, cinema, nice bars and restaurants, museums and exhibitions and many other things, often becomes tedious and difficult. There are moments when you want to escape from your routine, to be in nature, to get lost among the trees, to admire the natural beauties but also to wander in new places knowing new people and habits. Fortunately, at a short distance from the city, you will find wonderful destinations that are suitable for day trips from Thessaloniki.

Keep reading and discover 4 wonderful destinations for day trips from Thessaloniki!

Ioannina – Perama (Cave)

A great destination for those who love lakes, caves, picturesque alleys and nature. Ioannina, the capital of Epirus is a city of distinct beauty while offering a variety of activities. It is an ideal destination for all year round and a city with a strong culture and special architecture. Of course, the trademark of the city is the wonderful lake Pamvotida and the island of Kyra-Frosini, also known as the island of Ali Pasha. A romantic walk on the lake and in the museum of Ali Pasha, but also in the impressive castle, and in the narrow cobbled alleys of the old town will enchant you. Surrounded by high mountains but with incredible views of the lake from the highest points of the city, such as the open-air theatre Frontzou, full of Ottoman monuments and picturesque churches, with a rich history and historic buildings, Ioannina is at the top of the list with day trips from Thessaloniki. Do not forget to visit the Cave of Perama, on the hill Goritsa, which is known for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

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Dion – Litochoro

The settlement of Litochoro is an attraction for both summer and winter getaways. In this, its geographical position plays an important role, which is particularly advantageous, as it is built at the foot of the mythical Mount Olympus, while it is just a few kilometres away from the sea. The city stands out for its traditional Macedonian architecture, the stone buildings and the well-preserved mansions. Undoubtedly, the irresistible view and the natural beauty of the mountain steal the show, while at the same time, the historical and religious monuments of the area are of great interest. In fact, just 11 km from Litochoro, is the famous Dion, the holy city of the ancient Macedonians. It is considered one of the most beautiful archaeological parks in Greece, while it is a great historical find. Among the monuments stand out the ancient theatre, the mosaics, the Roman houses, but also the museum. However, the flora of the area is particularly impressive as the archaeological park is characterized by dense vegetation, while nearby is the famous gorge of Orlias, where you will find the picturesque church of Agios Konstantinos. The place is also suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking but also for swimming in the beautiful natural pools. 

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Elati – Pertouli

An interesting getaway is also that of the picturesque villages of Trikala Elati and Pertouli. Highly beloved especially for winter excursions, they offer amazing views, wonderful nature and cosy traditional accommodation with a fireplace and homemade food. In the area, you will also find fine restaurants and taverns where you will have the opportunity to try local flavours and excellent meat dishes. 

Elati is a well-developed tourist destination, with lush vegetation, beautiful attractions and interesting activities. The traditional stone houses and buildings are impressive, while in the area you will have the opportunity to try various outdoor activities such as walks in the charming nature, horse riding, hiking and extreme sports. Pertouli on the other hand, although less popular, is a real diamond, nestled in the mountains of Koziakas. Surrounded by a dense fir forest, with traditional mansions made of wood and stone, with cobbled alleys but also with dozens of hostels, cafes and traditional taverns, it is a remarkable proposal, both for day trips from Thessaloniki and for short getaways. Do not forget to mention the Ski Center of Pertouli, with its charming chalets, panoramic views and impressive fir trees.

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A beautiful small town in Northern Greece, surrounded by the imposing mountains of Vitsi and Grammos and with a magnificent lake, Kastoria is also known as the city of furs, is an enjoyable excursion from Thessaloniki. From a romantic walk around Lake Orestiada, a tour of the old neighbourhoods and mansions to a visit to the fur shops and the prehistoric lake settlement of Dispilio, this enchanting corner of western Macedonia fascinates every season.

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