Thessaloniki is an ideal starting point for a day trip. If you are planning a multi-day trip to Thessaloniki, or if you are already there, it is worth knowing that you can organize many excursions to very interesting destinations from there. Thessaloniki is an ideal base from which to explore the rich culture, history and nature of the region. Take a breather from the fast pace of everyday life and rejuvenate in enchanting destinations just a few kilometres away from the city.

From Thessaloniki, you can make excursions to beautiful villages, visit archaeological sites, enjoy the coastline of Halkidiki or even explore mountainous areas for hiking and natural recreation. Each destination offers unique experiences and unforgettable moments, making your trip from Thessaloniki even more interesting.

Day trip to Kastoria

At a distance of 190 km from Thessaloniki, about 2 hours by car, is the beautiful town of Kastoria, known for its stunning lake, known as Orestiada. In Kastoria, you will find unique images that will fill your eyes and your camera. There is no better way to explore this area than to take a walk around the lake. During your tour, be sure to make a stop at the Cave of the Dragon, in the northern part of the lake, and the Monastery of Panagia Mauriotissa. When you return to town, check out Dolcho and Apozari, picturesque neighborhoods with stone streets and impressive mansions. Climb the hill of Profitis Ilias for a panoramic view of the town and the lake, and don’t miss the Paralimni Settlement of Dispilio.

One-day getaway in Litochoro

Litochoro, at the foot of Mount Olympus, is a magnificent destination for a day trip, ideally accessible from Thessaloniki. Its charming location, combining mountain and sea, fascinates visitors. The traditional architecture of Litochoro, with its cobbled alleys, stone fountains and picturesque squares, creates an atmosphere of peace and beauty. The gastronomy of the place stands out, with local flavours and fine, fresh ingredients. For those looking for a short escape from everyday life, Litochoro offers the perfect solution. Its proximity to the city, combined with its enchanting landscape and tranquil atmosphere, make it an ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.Whether you dream of hiking on the slopes of Mount Olympus, relaxing on the beach or exploring the picturesque town, Litochoro has something to offer to everyone. Indulge in its magic and let your mind travel to an oasis of peace and beauty.


Day trip to Halkidiki

Halkidiki, being a firm favourite choice, especially during the summer months, is famous for its numerous and varied beaches. Some cosmopolitan, others quiet and secluded, offer options for every taste. However, Halkidiki is not limited to its summer charm. The autumn season gives the region new colours and aromas, creating a magical landscape. For exploration lovers, the mountainous parts of Halkidiki are a very interesting option. Picturesque villages offer authentic experiences, rich gastronomy and incomparable landscapes that remain etched in the memory. Whether you seek relaxation on a quiet beach, or you want to explore the mountainous Halkidiki and its picturesque villages, the region has something to offer you in every season. Give it a chance and let it enchant you.


Excursion to the archaeological site of Dion

For lovers of ancient Greek history, Macedonia, and more specifically the prefecture of Pieria, is an ideal destination. There, at a distance of 90 km from Thessaloniki, is the archaeological site of Dion. Dion, regardless of whether you visit it in summer or winter, is a day trip worth making. The open archaeological site offers a unique experience as you wander along cobbled streets, surrounded by century-old trees, lakes and waters, feeling a sense of mysticism. In Dion you will also find perhaps the largest ancient mosaic in Greece, covering an area of 100 square meters. This mosaic is kept in the Archaeotheque, an area next to the museum of Dion, which was built specifically to house this masterpiece. Whether you are fascinated by history, art, or simply want to enjoy a walk in a beautiful natural environment, Dion is definitely an option that will delight you.

To sum up, there are many nearby destinations in Thessaloniki for a day trip. By renting your car from Alpha Drive, you have the flexibility to travel with great ease and make your ideal day trip.

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