Christmas is almost here and all the cities of Greece are preparing to welcome them with festive decorations and Christmas events. Of course, Thessaloniki couldn’t be missing from the equation. Every year during the holidays, Thessaloniki is transformed into a magical city, capable of offering unique Christmas experiences to the visitors and locals alike. If you visit Thessaloniki at Christmas, you will immediately notice the festive decorations, with lights, ornaments and other Christmas decorations. Indeed, the whole atmosphere that is created will put you in the holiday mood. The highlight of the whole experience, however, is the Christmas festivities.

In this article, we will inform you about the Christmas events taking place in Thessaloniki. From the Christmas Market and tree lighting, to Christmas activities in the Asterokosmos to Christmas concerts and theater performances. We’ll help you discover the city’s top Christmas events so you can experience the festive season to the fullest and make this Christmas an unforgettable experience.

Christmas market

The Christmas events in Thessaloniki will start from Aristotelous Square. More specifically, near the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, the Christmas Market will be set up and open. It will consist of 39 wooden houses, which will be decorated with festive accessories. In these wooden houses you will have the opportunity to buy sweets, hot drinks and many kinds of Christmas gifts for children and adults. In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste street food and other snacks, depending on your preferences. The purpose of the Christmas market is to spread the Christmas spirit to residents and to visitors. The Christmas Market is expected to operate for one month, from December 7 to January 5.

Christmas Events Market

Lighting of the Christmas tree

In Aristotelous Square, in the center of Thessaloniki, you will have the opportunity to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree. It is a 17-meter tall fir tree, which has already started to be decorated so that it will be ready for the official lighting, which will take place on 7 December. This Christmas tree will be decorated with 100,000 lights, while other areas of the square will also be decorated. The lighting of the tree will be accompanied by Christmas events, which will include a concert with a famous musical artist. A large number of people, from visitors to locals, are expected to gather, all of whom will have the opportunity to experience the festive atmosphere.

Christmas in Asterokosmos

At the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, the Christmas events will continue with the operation of a theme park, Asterokosmos. This will be an amusement park with games, an ice rink, concerts and surprises that will fascinate visitors of all ages. Asterokosmos will be open from 9 December to 7 January. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the games and events for a wonderful Christmas experience.

Christmas Events Asterokosmos

Christmas concerts and shows

From the Christmas events in Thessaloniki, concerts and performances could not be neglected. More specifically, musical performances with Christmas content will be held at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The performances are suitable for all ages, while their programmes will fascinate you, creating a touching and Christmas atmosphere. The programme of musical performances starts, the Youth Choir Concert SFMTH, with the musical performance Carols Of The World. Then you can enjoy the dance group Ukrainian Classical Ballet, in the musical performance The Nutcracker. In addition, don’t miss the musical performance Aroma of Imperial Vienna.

Christmas Events Megaron

To sum up, the city of Thessaloniki offers many Christmas events that you can attend, enjoy and feel the magic of Christmas. By renting your car from Alpha Drive, you have the flexibility to move around Thessaloniki with great ease and attend many Christmas events.

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