Southeast of Thessaloniki is the peninsula of Halkidiki which has some of the best beaches all over Greece. Each year hundreds of thousands of Europeans flock to Chalkidiki to enjoy its enchanting beaches. People come here in waves, especially during the summer months, and if you do not book in advance, you might not find some accommodation to stay, especially in August.

Kassandra Beaches

Kassandra is the most western of the three legs of Chalkidiki. It is well known for its extensive beaches, its pine forests and its small villages as well as for the impact of tourism. The whole peninsula of Kassandra has several large hotels and organized camping, many surrounded by forests and close to the beaches. There are also many smaller hotels and rooms available although they can hardly be found without reservation in advance.

Παραλίες Κασσάνδρας - Παραλίες Χαλκιδικής

Beaches that we recommend to visit in Kassandra:

  • Sani Beach
  • Poseidi
  • Glarokavos
  • Paliouri

Sithonia Beaches

Sithonia is less touristy affected than Kassandra, although it still has some of the most popular and attractive areas. Despite the fact that Kassandra has very beautiful beaches, the beaches of Sithonia are considered the top of Halkidiki. With their white sand, turquoise waters and the moderate tourist development of the area, the beaches of Sithonia are really small summer oases.

Παραλίες Σιθωνίας - Παραλίες Χαλκιδικής

Beaches that we recommend to visit in Sithonia:

  • Trani Ammouda
  • Kavourotrypes
  • Armenistis
  • Kalogira
  • Karydi

Athos Beaches

Although the peninsula of Athos is known for its monastic community, what many do not know is that the part of the peninsula that does not belong to the monastic community has some of the most impressive beaches of Halkidiki.

Παραλίες Άθως - Παραλίες Χαλκιδικής

Beaches that we recommend visiting Athos:

  • Ammouliani
  • Ierissos
  • Nea Roda

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