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Hyundai i30 Rental Rates

Low Season39.00
Medium Season41.00
High Season61.00
Low Season30.00
Medium Season35.00
High Season48.00
Low Season23.00
Medium Season28.00
High Season42.00
Low Season20.00
Medium Season26.00
High Season38.00
Low Season17.00
Medium Season23.00
High Season37.00

Hyundai i30 Rental

Upgrade your stay and transportation in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki by renting a Hyundai i30.

At Alpha Drive Rent a Car you will find the best and most affordable car rental rates.

Rental rates for a Hyundai i30 start at 17€ per day!

About Hyundai i30

Renting a Hyundai i30 is sure to surprise you. The car is compact but quite spacious. It is easy to drive both on city streets and country roads making it the ideal choice for car hire in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. The interior is spacious, you will have no difficulty in fitting your belongings. It is ideal for small families or couples with lots of luggage. It may not be as powerful as a bigger car, but you will save on fuel and that means more money for sightseeing, food and souvenirs. The i30 has a capacity of 5 people, but if you plan to make long trips and all the passengers are adults then it would be better to rent a larger vehicle. And the larger capacity drivers are not recommended. If you plan to make short trips then you will not have any problems. Finally, it is very easy to park with the i30.