The blue lake Skra is located near Kilkis, just an hour and a half from the city of Thessaloniki by car. Apart from blue, Lake Skra is also called emerald, as the shades of its waters have tones of blue and green as well. The lake owes its fantastic color to the fossil microorganisms that exist at its bottom, as well as to the reflections of the verdant environment on its surface.

The blue lake Skra owes its existence to many small streams that originate from Mount Paiko and join at its foot, creating impressive waterfalls which seem like they are a part of a movie setting. The lake took its name from the village of Skra, located north of it. The dreamy setting created by the waterfalls in combination with the lush lake forest, looks as if it has sprung from a fairy tale. This is the reason why the blue lake of Skra is a pole of attraction for many visitors throughout the year.

How to get to the blue lake Skra

The route from Thessaloniki to the blue lake Skra beyond short is also very pleasant. Driving to your destination you will have the opportunity to see the river Axios, one of the largest rivers in the country. You will also be able to admire the rich vegetation of the Macedonian landscape which consists mainly of deciduous trees. Finally, just before the village Fanos, you will have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of Gevgelija, which is a city of neighboring FYROM and is an important commercial hub of the wider area. .

More specifically, the blue lake Skra belongs to the Municipality of Paionia in the Prefecture of Kilkis and is 93 km from the city of Thessaloniki.In order to get there, you must first drive on the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road. Shortly after the tolls of Malgara, you will turn for the village of Evzones. After you have passed it and you are just before the border customs near FYROM, you will turn on the exit to the villages Eidomeni and Fanos. Just before Fanos is the village of Skra. However, the lake is not quite there, to get there  you will need to turn towards the village of Archangelos. There you will find a plateau, where you can leave your car to start your tour of the magnificent blue lake Skra.

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Activities on the Blue Lake Skra

One of the activities that you will definitely enjoy in the blue lake Skra, is hiking. The route you will follow will start from a downhill path that will lead you to the Koza Dere stream. There, you are most likely to be stunned by the natural beauty of the area. In the blue lake Skra, nature rages with many species of hydrophilic plants intertwined. Some of them are plane trees, alders and ivy. A few steps away, following a small path on your left you will find yourself in front of a majestic spectacle with successive waterfalls falling rapidly to the ground.

If you choose to continue on the main path, you will find yourself in front of the oasis of the blue lake. There, those who are not afraid of the cold can enjoy its crystal clear waters. There is even a rope hanging from the trees, for those who are fans of impressive dives.The end of the tour in the area of ​​the blue lake Skra could not be described as anything less than impressive, as in a short distance from the lake you will find a cave with small drippers, making it look enigmatic and eerie as if it is a part  from a completely other world.

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A short visit to the village of Skra

Once you have finished your tour of the enchanting blue lake Skra, you could complete your excursion with a short visit to the homonymous village. In this you will have the opportunity to visit the Skra World War I Museum. The Battle of Skra is one of the deadliest in World War I, as evidenced by the museum’s exhibits. Some of these are helmets, uniforms and weapons collected after the battle. The museum also exhibits photographs of Allied troops. Finally, in the square of the village of Skra you will find many traditional restaurants, which in addition to excellent food, will offer you the famous Macedonian hospitality.

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On your return from the blue lake Skra, there is no doubt that you will have won wonderful memories, which will reflect the wild beauty of the Macedonian landscapes. By renting a car from Alpha Drive in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki you are able to explore all the beautiful landscapes in the region of Macedonia and beyond

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