When we hear Greece we think of sun, islands and sea. But apart from them, Greece also means good food. It is completely rational if you think that the basis of Greek cuisine is the Mediterranean, while at the same time there are clearly stimuli from the East. The majority of recipes and dishes are directly linked to products from the blessed Greek land and manages to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Regarding all the above, Thessaloniki could not be an exception. It is a city that captures the feeling of eroticism even in food and offers countless choices satisfying  every visitor’s preferences, tastes and pocket. You will find restaurants, taverns and traditional places that serve meat, fish, tasty snacks, salads and many vegetarian dishes. Also, for those who want to try something fast and delicious at hand, the city seems ideal, as fast food options are literally everywhere.

So, here’s a look at some specific places in Thessaloniki for quality food that you will definitely remember for a long time after your visit!


εστιατοριο-χαλαρο-τα-καλυτερα-μερη-για-φαγητο-στη-θεσσαλονικη-alpha-drive-rent-a-carHalaro is one of the most quality restaurants in the city. Its wide menu allows the creation of numerous combinations that can satisfy all tastes, even those who prefer to eat vegetarian. Dishes exceed any kind of expectations, both in taste and quantity. As far as the prices are concerned, they are totally reasonable depending on the quantity and quality of the dishes. For those looking for a high-quality restaurant, then definitely it is a must visit. Finally, please note that bookings are considered as necessary on weekends and public holidays so you can find a table easily.


Agioli is a restaurant with great ambience, which is divided in 2 floors and has a spectacular view of the sea, as there is only one road between the restaurant and the sea. On the lower floor that serves as a tavern, you will find local tastes from the Greek cuisine, while on the upper floor you will find more refined dishes. Its menu can’t be considered neither large nor small. The dishes are well-cooked and able to meet the tastes of most customers. The staff are pleasant and willing to serve you in order to give you a beautiful tasting experience.

Nea Folia

εστιατοριο-νεα-φωλια-τα-καλυτερα-μερη-για-φαγητο-στη-θεσσαλονικη-alpha-drive-rent-a-carThe name of the place doesn’t keep up with the environment and the decoration, but still we are talking about a very interesting gastronomic… nest! It offers a wide variety of tastes and dishes consisting of fresh and quality products. The characteristic that made this restaurant famous is the fact that the menu that changes according to the season, as well as the delicious dishes that are cooked and served with love. As far as prices are concerned, these are completely in line with the quality and quantity of the dishes.

Brothers in law

brothers-in-law-τα-καλυτερα-μερη-για-φαγητο-στη-θεσσαλονικη-alpha-drive-rent-a-carBrothers in law has perhaps the best burger in town and is located in the city center in a beautiful place. The menu of 25 juicy and delicious burgers covers all tastes and is a paradise for those who like to call themselves burger lovers. This burger place focuses on the customer and does everything it can to make the customer satisfied. It is definitely worth a visit in order to try the most delicious burger in town.

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