Halkidiki peninsula is a place of great natural beauty. This is due to its mountainous green surroundings and its azure waters, that attract people from all over the world. The best way to enjoy Halkidiki’s majestic sceneries is not by staying  at a luxurious hotel where you won’t have any contact with the natural environment. The way to enjoy Halkidiki’s beauty to its full extent is by staying at one of its campings. Despite the fact that you may think of campings as an uncomfortable option of staying, some of the best campings of Halkidiki will leave you in awe with their fully equipped facilities.

Armenistis Camping 

Armenistis camping is located in the area of Sithonia and  it has a spectacular view to the mount of Athos. Armenistis is  mainly a  destination for young people  and families. In Armenistis you could choose to rent a tent, a caravan or a bungalow, depending on how you have imagined your ideal vacation. On Armenistis you will have the chance to swim to the azure- crystal clear waters of its beach, that have been awarded with the blue flag and enjoy the rich shadow that pine trees have to offer you.

In Armenistis you will find every amenity that you could imagine such as cafeterias, restaurants, watersport facilities etc. There is also a variety of cultural events that you would definitely like to attend such as outdoor cinema and live concerts. For the sport lovers there are also some very entertaining sport tournaments. Although Armenistis is a great choice for those who wish to combine ambing in nature with all the comforts that you would find in a hotel, it is not a good option for those who want to experience camping in a more traditional way, and be provided only with the minimum of comforts.

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Areti Camping & Bungalows

If you are on a quest for your own personal paradise, where people coexist harmonically with nature, then you should definitely consider Areti Camping and bungalows as your holiday destination. The camp  is also located in Sithonia on family owned land. The beautiful setting of the camping with the stone -built bungalows adds a rustic aesthetic to the  idyllic landscape.The local flora includes eucalyptus palm and olive trees. As for its golden sand beach it has a spectacular view of the Aegean sea. Although the camping is in an unspoiled natural environment, it provides its visitors with all the necessary amenities and it has rightfully earned its place on the Sunday Times’ “20 coolest campsites in Europe”

Camping halkidiki-Areti camping και Bungalows-alphaDriveOuranoupoli Βungalows & Camping

 If you enjoy outdoor activities such as snorkelling, fishing and gardening, then you would fall in love with the Ouranoupoli bungalows and camping located at the 3rd finger of Halkidiki. The camp is only a few kilometres away from the holy mount of Agio Oros. In the facilities of the camping you will find amenities such as restaurants, air-conditioned accommodation with a balcony and free Wi-Fi. Ouranoupolis camping is the ideal choice for couples who enjoy tranquil sceneries and loners who want to delve into the serenity of an unspoiled environment.  camping halkidiki-akti oneirou-alphadrive

Thalatta Kalamitsi village camp

If you want to have some alternative vacations and get involved in activities such as cultivation of organic vegetables, then Thalatta Kalamitsi village camp is the right place for you. Thalatta Kalamitsi was founded in 2006 and the main goal of its founders was to create an environment reflecting and reinforcing the unbreakable bond between humans and nature. The facilities of the camping are located at the southern edge of Sithonia, halkidiki. This area is characterized by natural elements of profound beauty, protected by NATURA 2000. Natura 2000 is a network of core breeding and resting sites of endangered species, incorporating also some rare natural habitat types.

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Akti Oneirou Luxury Camping 

If you are a fan of the luxurious camping, referred also as glamping , you should by any means consider Akti oneirou luxury as a vacation option. The camping is only 12 km away from the famous beach of Vourvourou. Akti Oneirou is located in a stunning environment of extreme natural beauty. Its private beach combines the serenity of  a camping with the hospitality standards of a high- class hotel. In the camping you can rent bungalows, caravans or even wooden houses equivalent to small villas. In Akti Oneirou you would also find facilities  such as beach bars and restaurants, that will make you feel like you are in a small luxurious settlement.  

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The Peninsula of Halkidiki is one of the greatest places that you could visit in Greece if you are a fan of camping.There, you would find a great deal of options to choose between , in order to meet your expectations of an ideal campsite. Choosing the car rental services of Alpha Drive, you are going to find the ideal vehicle for your transportation needs in Halkidiki and Thessaloniki.


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