Thessaloniki has been experiencing a renewed elegance lately as brand new boutique hotels are constantly popping up. A large number of neoclassical mansions have survived and have been transformed into small hotels full of character and charm.

It is easily understood that this is a new trend in the hospitality industry in Thessaloniki. In particular, in recent years, many beautifully preserved buildings that have been abandoned for decades have undergone radical changes and transformed into stylish boutique hotels with a focus on modern design and flawless services.

As the city of Thessaloniki is experiencing a “tourist renaissance”, this new generation of hotel boutiques responds fully to the needs of visitors who require elegance, high quality services and affordable luxury. These hotels are suitable for those who prefer to travel on their own, groups of people and those who travel frequently for work.

So, here’s a look at some of the best boutique hotels in Thessaloniki:

Bahar Boutique Hotel


Bahar Boutique Hotel or the “blue mansion” of the city, as it is known to people, started operating in June 2018 in the heart of Thessaloniki and more specifically in Ano Ladadika. The welcoming reception combined with the elegant simplicity instantly creates a sense of intimacy, enhanced by the rooms with imposing high ceilings and modern décor.

This beautiful neoclassical building was built between 1926 and 1931 by Adam Laden, a merchant and it operated as the headquarters of his business.

Also, the exotic fragrances coming from the spice shop across the street remind the world that there was a thriving spice market in the early 20th century that gave the hotel its symbol and name, Bahar (the root of the Greek word “bahariko”, derived from the Turkish language).

The Mood Luxury Rooms


Just outside of Emporiou Square, Mood Luxury Rooms offers exactly what its name implies – warm atmosphere and unmatched comfort. Built in 1928, this site has hosted various businesses from time to time. Although the exterior does not remind of a typical neoclassical, the interior rewards guests thank to radical renovation, creating 15 spacious rooms and three two-room suites.

The entrance is decorated with portraits of world-famous men and women, such as Mahatma Gandhi for world peace and Winston Churchill for victory. This feature reflects the hotel’s style of hospitality, which strives to accommodate different moods.

The hotel keeps its mood always positive and fresh, which is achieved by its decoration. The excellent ground-floor wine bar, which also serves breakfast and brunch, is another major advantage of the hotel, which sets it apart.

Gatto Perso Luxury Apartments


In 1926, a local merchant built a large house in the center of Thessaloniki, and nearly a century later, the neoclassical was transformed into an elegant hotel.

The interiors are designed so that the 17-room boutique hotel exudes the elegance and balance that the building itself represents. Indeed, Gatto Perso Luxury Apartments transports visitors back to the 1930s, having managed to replicate many of the building’s original features before it became a hotel.

Romantic touches are everywhere and a kitchen in every room gives Gatto Perso Luxury Apartments the feel of being at home, something that is difficult to find in a hotel.

Antigon Urban Chic Hotel


Located above Egnatia Street, Antigon Urban Chic Hotel is a beam of light on Antigonidon Street. At number 15, this boutique hotel, which started operating in late August, is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy elegant and modern luxury.

Marble, wood and metal details are the dominant design features everywhere and the hotel’s success lies in the attention paid to small things, such as the glass floor in the restaurant, which allows visitors to see sections of the road dating back to Roman times.

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